Up and Over Garage doors

Up and Over Garage Door in White Color

Up and Over Garage Door in White Color

Get overwhelmed with the sheer choice and complexity of today’s garage doors? The offers are undeniably tempting like sectional, roller, side hinged, up and over, and even some few more variations. Up and over garage doors are increasingly gaining more popularity. And the reason is pretty simple – they work.

Many homeowners choose up and over garage doors because, among others, they’re reliable, they last and they look good. Furthermore, they definitely can offer you an tremendous options designs, colors, and materials.

Up and Over Garage Door Appearance

By broad definition, up and over garage doors are single panel doors that either wholly or partly retracts into the garage. Their simple, sturdy, one piece panel construction allows them a very easy application and offer both a low-effort and zero trouble operation.

Regarding to their designs, up and over garage doors can be ranged from traditional to modern in style. Meanwhile, related to their movement from a vertical to horizontal position, they can be found in two types:

A retractable up & over garage door. It slides back into the garage space as it opens on horizontal tracks. This design is perfect for automatic garage doors.

A canopy up and over garage door. It opens using a mechanism fitted into the door frame. When opened, it creates a position of door similar to a canopy over the garage door opening.

The Advantages at A Glance

As stated earlier, up and over garage doors offer a reliable, long lasting, and good looking garage doors. They have simple yet sturdy one piece of construction which makes them easy to use. Also, they provide both a low-effort and zero trouble operation. Moreover, they are available in great variations of designs, colors, and materials.

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Some of other benefits you can obtain from up and over garage doors are:

  • Remote opening
  • High security
  • Classic and stylish
  • Matching doors

Furthermore, retractable garage doors offer a favored design for they withdraw inwards as they open, making them perfect for homes with small drives. Whereas, canopy garage doors have the simplest form, making them highly affordable purchase for those on a budget.

Two Main Categories

Two main categories here are once again based on their movement from vertical to horizontal positions.

The Canopy Garage Door

The canopy type garage door is the simplest in form and the most popular type of garage door mechanism. As implied by its name, this type is a fully opened garage door panel protruding about a third forward of the sub frame to form a canopy.

Canopy provides the optimum drive-through width when opens. It is also the easiest door to install. You can balance and assist the door panel in the operation by positioning the torsion springs above the door panel on the head of the fixing frame.

The canopy door mechanism is mostly only available up to 8 feet (2438mm) wide. It is a basic mechanism for small doors without electric operation. In other words, it’s not normally used if your garage door is operated by an electric garage door operator for automatic opening with a handset.

The Retractable Garage Door

The retractable garage door is increasingly becoming the more popular type of garage door mechanism. Its name derived from the operation of the garage door panel retracting wholly into the garage when open. It is the mechanism that will change easily and safely into electric operation with even the least equipment.

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When the door is opened, the drive-through width on a retractable mechanism is always reduced as the lifting arms at either side lie in between the sub-frame. The retractable mechanism is able to accommodate much heavier loads, with the adjustable tension springs at the sides easily increased in size and strength.
Retractable operating gear is widely employed for garage doors over 8 feet wide and heavier door panels such as hardwood. For all double garage doors, they only have retractable gear.

Wood Up & Over Garage Doors

Wood Up & Over Garage Doors

Up and Over Garage Door Made of

Speaking about materials and designs, up and over garage doors are still the most versatile ones. Due to their one-piece panel structure, hence they can be manufactured from a range of materials, such as steel, fiberglass, UPVC and most types of timber. Even, there is what-so-called an ‘open for infill’ model to let you to create your own door.

Economically, steel is said as the most cost-effective pick of door panel material. Meanwhile, the option of timber species are, for example, Cedarwood, Idigbo, Oak, Accoya, Hemlock or Nordic Pine as standard ones, as well as other more exotic timbers also which will highly depend on the sizes.

Installation Positions

You can install up and over garage doors with sub frames in-between and behind the opening, but not in front. The installation position can depend on sizing restrictions, but more generally enable personal aesthetics and personal taste. Fitting behind the opening will increase the drive-through dimensions, which may result in the difference between storing a vehicle in your garage and not.

Securing An Up And Over Door

Securing An Up And Over Door

Automatic Garage Doors

You can make your up and over garage doors automatic by applying a ceiling mounted electric operator. For ultimate comfort you can use remote controls for automatic entry the to your garage door, simply by pressing a button. Remote operation is secure, using hi-tech encryption systems between the remote and the receiver. Regrettably, automation is not compatible with all up and over garage doors.

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For Canopy gear doors, you will need a bow arm converter when you have installed a traditional boom operator. However, not all canopy type doors are able to enjoy this retrofitted. Therefore, automation is always much easier with a retractable ones as it requires the bow arm.

High Security Garage Doors

With valuables and vehicles stored in garages on a regular basis, security particularly is a high priority for many households. There are a wide range of options made with security as the top priority. For example, up and over doors are secure, featuring with 4-point locking available on a number of our doors.

General Sizing Information

When measuring up and over doors, it usually uses the dimensions of the internal fixing sub frame. Usually, this frame is installed in the opening, where the door panel and mechanisms are attached to. This frame can built of steel or timber.

For instance, a 7’x7′ (2134mm x 2134mm) garage door ordering size will refer to the size of the frame, while the door panel itself being smaller within. These sub frame dimensions will vary depending on the mechanism selected, which thereby may have an affect on total ordering dimensions.

The Suitability

Produced in enormous range of various materials, up and over garage door design can be lightweight, making it perfect for the elderly. There are also the best price and no hidden fees guarantees great value to all.

Timber Up & Over Garage Door

Timber Up & Over Garage Door

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