Timber Garage Doors – Some Facts and Benefits

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If you are interested in replacing your existing garage door, or even installing a totally new one, will you consider a timber garage door?

In prior to choosing or even purchasing a garage door, there are some factors should be taken into account. And, garage door materials are one of the most important options you have to decide upon. Why choosing timber garage door?

Natural Wood Garage Doors

Timber garage doors offer the warmth and history of wood, combined with the latest in rigorous modern engineering, which result in a beautifully timeless profile to your garage, as well as your entire home living. Custom-made timber doors will complement a host of property varieties, adding a level of sophistication and lasting class.


Natural wood indeed has its inherent beauty and warmth that is not matched by the other materials like steel, aluminum and fiberglass. Traditional wooden garage doors are usually individually bespoken to be genuinely unique primarily in three forms of wood, all supplied from 100% sustainable sources, namely finest cedar, Nordic pine, and Hemlock oak.

In other words, timber garage doors are available in a versatile range of styles, designs and finishes. Also, you can tailor a timber door to your specification, highly ideal for matching to your present building structure. Other ranges of timbers will include Idigdo and Accoya.


All wooden garage doors are available for several types of doors, such as:

  • Up and over
  • Side Hinged
  • Sectional

Side hinged doors offer sort of traditional style which look striking, bold and substantial, while at the same time provide all the advantages of modern garage doors, including automatic opening. They are the perfect marriage of history and innovation.

There is also what-so-called timber personnel doors. available in great range of options, these personnel doors are featured with many of the same benefits as modern garage doors, with better developed security, weather sealing and insulation qualities. Also, can be found in styles that match the timber garage doors, thus you can customize all the doors on your garage or external structure to fulfill your vision.

Timber Garage Doors with Windows

Timber Garage Doors with Windows


By and large, all timber doors are finished with a special varnish, or you are able to require to be painted to a particular color. Moreover, frequently you’re able to pick a wooden door that has a strong steel frame.

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Furthermore, timber garage doors are often fitted with glass windows to provide additional internal light as well as exterior appeal. Since wood is in fact the heaviest material, it’s recommendable to consider motorization of wooden garage doors.


Wood indeed is a better insulator than metal, however careful care must be carried out to assure a close fitting so will not wasting this merit.

It’s true that wood doors demand only a little more care compared to other types of garage doors. Still, if you keep up with the maintenance, your wood door will last for many years and preserve its great looks. These kinds of doors are very easy to fix too, since if a part of the door is battered, you can cut out and replace it.

Usually, taking care natural wood garage doors can be achieved by performing a regular wipe and renewing the varnish finish every 2- 3 years.

Up & Over Timber Doors

Up & Over Timber Doors

Benefits of Timber Garage Doors

In addition to its practical use, a wooden door undeniably adds an element of luxury to your property. A timber garage door is a beautiful addition to your home living. You’re going to be amazed by how well a wood door complements your house. These doors are a good match for any style of architecture and exterior décors. More particularly, they are perfectly well-suited for historic homes as wood is a sort of building material that has classic and timeless features.

Some other advantages you can gain from timber garage doors are:


Unlike with other types of doors, you don’t purchase wood garage doors in standard sizes. It means that you can customize them according to your specifications. Therefore, they are highly ideal for garages which are higher or wider than in common.

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Even, you can bespoke a timber garage door to fit a floor that slopes or is uneven. A wooden garage door offer an exact fit regardless what size the opening is, or what shape it is, since it is made based on the measurements of your garage.

Another nice thing about a timber door, since it’s custom made, yours will be one of a kind. There perhaps not many wood garage doors in your neighborhood, so that makes your property even increasingly unique.

Great Variety of Styles

Having the door tailored for your specifications or personal preferences absolutely enables  you to pick the choices you desire to. For example, you can select the type of wood used to build the door. You perhaps prefer oak, cedar or redwood. Also, you can decide on the style, such as the classic carriage door type.

You are also offered with the options of hardware to grant the door with the finishing touch. As stated earlier, you’re able to add windows in any configuration you like. Or else, you can even choose which way you want the wood oriented.

Beside the wood types, various stains and finishes are available to be applied.

White Wooden Swing Out Garage Doors

White Wooden Swing Out Garage Doors

Better Insulation against Weather and Sound

Due to their heavier trait, solid wood garage doors provide some sound protection against external noises in the street. Solid wood has high quality feature for insulation, although timber is not the best insulator on its own.

For the case that you require essential control to the climate in your garage, you can choose timber garage doors with built-in layers. The layers are featured with insulation put between them that slows down heat transfer so your garage will stay warmer during the winter times.

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Color Customization

When you own a timber garage door, you’re able to completely alter the look of it anytime you want by painting it, since wood is one of the easiest surfaces to paint.

In this case, you can make the door match your front door or contrast the color of your home. Even though your preference is a natural, stained wood, yet it’s such nice to know that you have the choice to update your door look when you want to in a few years.


Wood is indeed a very hefty material. The strength of a wood door provides security for the belongings inside your garage. Moreover, you no need to worry that it will dent like steel and aluminum doors do. Also, you don’t need to concern that it will crack like vinyl does sometimes in especially cold weather.

You can choose treated timber door to make it strong against weather conditions, thereby will lessen the risk of it warping and deteriorating due to water and UV exposure. This increased durability will also mean that it only require less maintenance on the door over the years.

Wooden Modern Garage Doors

Wooden Modern Garage Doors

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