Some Style Options For Your Residential Garage Doors

Garage Door Styles

Garage Door Styles

The history of garage doors outlines the long line of twists and turns in human innovations and adaptations which result in today’s abundant options for home as well as business owners to pick the preferred, perfect garage doors. Even more, they come in various types, materials, and even styles to meet your personal taste.

Garage doors are indeed becoming essential part of your home landscaping. They take up the bulk portion of your home’s exterior design, more especially the front facade. Therefore, the styles and colors of your garage doors absolutely have a massive impact on your home living and also potential curb appeal of your property.

Once again, a garage is so much more than just a place to park a car. Rather, they offer great variety of beautifully crafted, distinct, and complementary features to many home styles.


Residential garage doors can be obtained in three basic styles which are going to meet any personal preference – traditional garage doors, contemporary garage doors, and carriage-house garage doors.

Traditional Garage Doors

This kind of style is popular as the best choice especially for many classic, traditional homes with timeless patterns. Basically, your garage door design takes its cue from the lines and shapes built-in on your house to make a coherent look.

So what is traditional style actually? Traditional house architecture is a wide category that reckons American and European designs preferred up until the 1950s. You will find some designs such as Colonial, Georgian, Cape Cod, Country, Victorian, and also Mediterranean.

These home living structures are typically constructed in either wood or brick and defined by symmetrical, evenly spaced windows, simple roofs, and detail, shutters, as well as straight lines.

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In order to carry through such a similar look and feel, hence traditional garage doors feature box-shaped detailing like raised panels; long, short and/or flush panels; and, raised, evenly spaced windows – or no windows at all.

If you are looking for clean and classic look for your home living exterior, raised-panel garage doors can be the perfect choice. They have some prominent features like symmetrical, raised rectangular panels.

As to materials, these sorts of garage doors are usually built in wood or steel. However, today’s constructions are increasingly getting quite sophisticated which allows for insulation offering sound and energy efficiency.

Traditional Garage Door

Traditional Garage Door

Contemporary Garage Doors

If you are craving for such a clean and functional curb appeal for your mid-century modern or modern home styles, thereby contemporary garage doors are perfect answers.

This contemporary look can be created with various selection of aluminum and glass garage doors, as well as wood-based materials. The great combinations of metal, glass, and also wood definitely provide you with fresh, efficient design to your home’s exterior landscaping.

Whether for residential or commercial purposes, some of these contemporary styles can be your best bet:

  • plank garage doors
  • flush or recessed panel garage doors
  • contemporary powder-coated steel or aluminum garage doors
  • painted wood and ink-jet surfaced carriage house doors
  • wood stained and faux wood garage doors.

This great variety in garage door materials can be attributed to today’s innovative technology. The possibilities are truly endless. Some other captivating modern choices can be an Eco-friendly garage door, or else from aux reclaimed plank wood to sleek clean steel or aluminum lines. Furthermore, great combination between fiberglass garage doors and plank design frames with clear or frosted acrylic inserts will create absolutely a stunning look from the outside. Contemporary garage doors are also easy to clean and maintain (ChristieOverheadDoor)

Contemporary Garage Door

Contemporary Garage Door

Carriage-House Garage Doors

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Are you the owner of a charming country style house and seeking for a garage door that suits it perfectly? Or else, you wish for a garage door that resembles a barn door, duplicates a classy carriage house or looks like a more rustic wood version? Carriage-house garage doors are the best solution. It all depends on your aesthetic preference and your existing home exterior décor.

This particular garage door style is also known with other names like carriage-style garage doors or even “barn style garage doors”. As their names stated, these doors will be the great reminiscent to the times of the horse-drawn carriage. They have their distinct designs that bring back character and nostalgia of the swing-swing style entry to your garage with added features of wrought iron strap hinges and handles.

At first glance these doors look to be two separated doors that open out like conventional doors. Yet erstwhile appears really are deceiving. Come closer and you’ll find the carriage house doors open and close just like traditional garage doors without losing their magical attribute.

Carriage-house garage doors are indeed featured with distinctive, rustic look which is able to stand out promptly. Moreover, they are frequently the perfect complement to , for example, craftsman style or mission style houses.

So if you’re pursuing the enchanting feel of reminiscent of a bygone era without sacrificing convenience, consider carriage house garage doors. They are available in both steel and wood designs, as well as offered in a variety of shapes, textures and patterns for a genuinely unique garage door that complements and compliments your home perfectly.

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Below are some options you may choose to meet your personal style.

  • Stamped Steel

You adore the rich texture of real wood doors, but you detest the maintenance. Stamped steel garage doors will offer you the answer. They offer textures rivaling the grain patterns of real wood doors, rust-proof, and also featured with low-maintenance simplicity.

  • Rich Wood

Here, you are going to have the only the rich, natural beauty of real wood for your carriage house garage doors crafted from real wood. You may pick the stain color that afterward will be added with such a polished finish for creating a refined look.

  • Decorative Windows

To add extra elegant touch and captivating natural light in your garage, you may take into account of applying tempered glass windows to complement your carriage house garage doors.

Evansville Wood Overlay Carriage Garage Door

Evansville Wood Overlay Carriage Garage Door


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