Sliding and Folding Garage Doors

Sliding Garage Doors Ideas Using Modern Design In Silver Color

Sliding Garage Doors Ideas Using Modern Design In Silver Color

Have you thought an alternative garage door style to add flare to your home? Not all of today’s households enjoy the luxury of spacious lot to park or store their vehicle(s). There are, of course, numbers of standard garage door types available in the market – roller, overhead, sectional, up and over, sliding and folding, etc. Why not move away from that and try sliding garage doors?

One of important points is that you can choose by considering how much space do you have for the door in open position. Thence, if you are looking for not only for the great variety of choices, but chiefly due to their opening action, sliding and folding garage doors can be the best alternative.

Sliding and Folding Doors

Sliding and folding doors have their other common names like “bi-fold doors”, “multi-fold doors”, and so on. However, homeowners and garage door manufacturers prefer to call them as sliding and folding doors.

Folding Doors

Also known as “bi-fold doors”, these kinds of doors are able to open by folding back in sections or so-called panels. You may frequently discover that these doors are actually having more than two panels.

Historically, we may date back the folding doors even up to the Romans. Dig out from the the excavations in Pompeii, Peter Connoly stated in his writing that the Romans disliked the single-leaf doors and preferred the double or even folding doors.

The door design is also can be derived from, probably, an older term of “concertina” doors which were inspired by the musical instrument with the same name.

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Furthermore, you may apply folding doors as internal and external room partitions, garage doors, or other functional as well as decorative purposes. They are built from wide range of materials, and mostly in glazed finish. Their panels are featuring frames made from wood, aluminum, or UPVC ones.

Majority of modern folding door (sets) can be found in several meters of width. This will result in an increased physical and visual accessibility, for example, between two interior rooms, or an internal room and an external space.

Bi-Fold Garage Door

Bi-Fold Garage Door

Sliding Doors

You can open this kind of door by sliding it horizontally, commonly parallel to a wall. Moreover, you usually mount a sliding door either on top of a track below or be supported from a track above and some types are “disappeared” in a wall when slid open.

Available in enormous choices, such as pocket doors, Arcadia doors, and bypass doors, you may generally use sliding doors as shower doors, glass doors, screen doors, wardrobe doors or in vans.

Sliding doors can be operated by a particular mechanism called sliding door gear. You may find them in two standard types of top hung and bottom rolling systems. Brush seals are widely applied in order to decrease the density of air and smoke, as well as sound insulation.

There is also what-so-called automatic sliding doors which are generally discovered in offices and shop entrances. These sliding doors are usually featured with sliding door operators – a motor and activation system – for opening action. Furthermore, automatic sliding doors offer a magnetic locking mechanism which will automatically unlock particularly when emergencies taken place.

Sliding Garage Door And Sliding Door Sliding Doors Curved

Sliding Garage Door And Sliding Door Sliding Doors Curved

Sliding and Folding Garage Doors

Sliding and folding doors are indeed able to enhance garage door. Don’t you know that this type of garage door sometimes can be opened up to six meters? The answer is that they have panels which can be easily fold, slide and stack perfectly to both sides, or to one side.

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This kind of garage door has a similar mechanism to that of traditional barn doors, where the doors hang from rollers that ride along a track or runners (twice the door width) at the top and bottom of the opening.

Knowing that garage doors aren’t all about the visual attractiveness, sliding barn doors offer their practical advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages 

Some benefits of having sliding and folding garage doors are:

  • they leave nearly no space needed to open the door
  • you can easily automate them
  • the mechanism is secure as it cannot be lifted out of its hinges.
  • long term investment – with one condition that if you choose quality doors and maintain them well, they’re able to increase the additional resale value of your rooms.
  • you may also double the straight sliding action of a one piece door as a bi parting system
  • can be fitted internally or externally that will highly depend on the available wall space
  • offer the freedom of design for there are mostly no restrictions on thickness, weight or size of door panels employed
  • large or small folding door offer easy and smooth operation, as well as low maintenance in the longer term with less stress on moving parts, specially in comparison with their roller or sectional counterparts

However, folding garage doors may pose a different problem. They have to be designed really cautiously, particularly the larger they get. And some other disadvantages presented by sliding and folding garage doors are:

  • doors hung in a way similar to barn doors which result in somewhat heavy to operate, particularly in sever weather conditions (either manually or automatically with a remote).
  • because of its structure, sliding doors unluckily are the least weather tight garage door choice
  • you need to fix the tracks or runners for the sliding doors a levelled base. If the base is not levelled, thus you have to consider an additional investment prior to installation of the sliding garaged doors
  • it’s not the most cost-effective garage access choice
Rundum Meir Sliding Garage Doors

Rundum Meir Sliding Garage Doors


You can find and purchase a vast range of sliding doors which are made from either steel, aluminum or timber. They are generally designed in solid panels or partially or fully glazed.

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Insulation and Cost Saving

Sliding door systems that employ double skinned insulated panels offer superior levels of thermal insulation and sound-proofing. Where the garage is built-in, or the building heated, the benefits are apparent for using an insulated door system and the sliding or folding door can accomplish this demand.

Reduced risk of collision impairment

Door leaves parked on the sides considerably cut down the risk of collisions. The leaves are in the field of sight of the drivers. Adjusting the door with door leaves that open 180 degree and adequate space next to the door also creates an optimal drive through passage width.

Moreover, replacing your standard garage doors for sliding doors will also create such a classic and rustic touch to your home living. The reason is that they’re not merely practical, durable, and reliable, but also a style that will never fade.

Garage And Shed Modern with bi fold garage door

Garage And Shed Modern With Bi Fold Garage Door

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