Round the Corner Garage Doors

Concave Oak round the corner garage door

Concave Oak Round The Corner Garage Door

If you wish for something not only practical but also stylish to your residential garage plans, round the corner garage doors can be one of the best alternatives available. These kinds of garage doors are definitely simple in principal and excellent in operation.

Highly ideal especially for garages that demand large doors, round the corner garage doors are undeniably reliable and also really fantastic option. It’s cool and fun to watch how they are operating.


Round the corner garage doors offer a mechanism where they fold around the corner of the opening so that they run along the garage wall, rather than folding or opening up into the ceiling of the garage. You can operate these doors manually and also automatically. The weight is spread evenly which creates nearly a possible limitless width.

In more details, door panels are inserted on top hung rollers and guided through channels in the floor tracks to go along the desired route. You may usually find this in timber round the corner garage doors.

For more modern application, round the corner garage doors can be discovered in aluminum and steel panels that have fewer stress on the bottom running track and more emphasis placed on the top track for pursuing versatility on site.

Round the Corner Garage Doors

Round the Corner Garage Doors


As previously outlined, round the corner garage doors can be made from timber or steel or aluminum. This will depend on the manufacturer. These doors have no width restrictions, thus based on their materials they can be up to 5 meters high, making them popular choices for larger garage plans.

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Regarding to timber option, you may discover different selections available that will include Norwegian Spruce, Superior Spruce, European Oak, Larch, Iroko, Mahogany, and Douglas Fir. The range of timbers can personally customized, hand selected to be virtually knot free and even can be factory stain or paint finished.

Steel or aluminum round the corner garage doors are available in various finishes as well. Either material can be easily maintained and looked after, offering the low-maintenance qualities. Moreover, both materials are eligible for automation.

Bi-parting (Double) around the corner garage door

Bi-parting (Double) around the corner garage door

Why Choosing Round the Corner Garage Doors

In fact, older models suffered from problems like obstacles to the floor tracks, in which leaves, stones as well as other unwanted debris getting stuck. However, more effective and innovative technical engineering and development in the garage door industry make it as no longer a concern.

As stated earlier, due to seamlessly manual or electric operation, these doors merely demand little maintenance. Furthermore, the following are some other background reasons why homeowners choose a round the corner garage door.

Minimal amount of headroom

When compared to most other garage door types, round the corner doors only demand for minimum sum of headroom, sometimes as little as 50mm. This means that you can install round the corner doors in locations with lack of headroom, or when other doors are not feasible.

The need for regular pedestrian access

Round the corner garage doors are unquestionably ideal for pedestrian use due to their horizontal opening operations. In this case, you are able to program what-so-called electric operators to partly open at the push of a button that will grant a quick pedestrian or cycle access for example. Also, you can customize these settings, which means you can unveil as much or as little of the garage as you wish.

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Solution for several planning Issues

As a result of their design, this type of garage door offer a front face that features vertical lines, which is frequently a requirement for particular listed buildings and conservation areas. The presence of timber option also provides help to fulfill any building requirements, with a choice of timber materials available between the manufacturers.

The need for larger garage lots

Round the corner doors are indeed the ideal answer for large openings. The design of the door means there is no additional emphasis on the mechanisms whether the door is 7 feet wide, or 30 feet wide. Theoretically, you can make a round the corner garage door to any width specification, and still they can offer smooth and time-tested operation in manual or electric applications.

Pursuing unique garage shape

Due to their designs which follow the internal shape of the garage wall, thereby you can find these doors offer you unusual curved entrances. Because these doors do not require any vertical movement, curved and arched openings can be accommodated.

Round the Corner, Side Sliding Doors

Round the Corner, Side Sliding Doors


Round the corner garage doors indeed offer their advantages, however you need to keep in mind that they can eat up a lot of your available garage storage space. This means that you will not be able to employ a large area of the wall for anything if you want to be able to open the door at all.

Still, this type of door is the earliest variety of garage door types. They are highly ideal for architect led projects, refurbishment and the conservation of listed and traditional buildings.

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Common Sizes

You can discover round the corner garage doors in wide range of possible sizes. Each door is usually made to order, hence the size options can differ depending on manufacturers, materials and installation requirements.

The primary main consideration when ordering and installing a round the corner garage door is the sideroom required, for the headroom can be as little as 50mm. You can install false walls to hide the door when open. Also, if you want to, you can provide a location for shelving and storage purposes. This is perfect for you who are pursuing garage plan with maximum storage potential.


When speaking of round the corner garage doors, you will discover some popular and leading manufacturers that will include Vertico, Rundum Meir, Hormann, and Silvelox.

All the first three German manufacturers produce round the corner garage doors available as a complete unit, which are assembled in a controlled environment. All of them use a bottom tracking system which is installed onto a finished garage floor surface. This bottom track also functions as a weather bar, to provide help keeping the elements at bay.

Moreover, the dimensions are going to feature a degree of tolerance built-in, which are applicable for uneven floors. The bottom tracks are heavy duty, designed to be both captivating and functional, highly ideal for with regular vehicle use.

For example, Rundum Meir offers a sunken ‘U’ channel version of their door, which provides an improved bottom seal at the bottom edge of the door. And, as round the corner doors are all top-hung, the bottom roller will merely serve as part of the guiding system for the bottom of the garage door.


Rundum Mier Curved garage door

Rundum Mier Curved Garage Door

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