Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Roller Shutters Garage Doors

Roller Shutters Garage Doors

Furnish your home living with something not only functional but also ornamental in feature just like a residential garage. As to your garage doors, roller shutter can be the most practical and tidiest option available. Not only offering you smooth vertical opening and closing, this type of door also doesn’t leave internal track. Highly ideal for storing larger vehicles.

As we’ve widely known, there are several types of both residential and commercial garage doors available in the market. In this case your choice will be strongly depend on your primary need and also personal preference. The options are attractively varied, from swing out, swing up, roll up, up to slide to the side.

What are Rolller Shutter Garage Doors?

The roller shutter garage door is said as one of the tidiest garage door solutions. They stand out due to their minimal space requirement. The vertical opening offers the garage owner to maximize their driveway and garage length. No internal tracking mechanism is required inside your garage, means you can get more space for storage shelving, etc. These doors are perfect for parking and storing larger vehicles, such as 4x4s or people carriers, close to the door without obstructing the opening and closing of the door.

There is also what-so-called as small curtain roll. With this option you can install the roller shutter even in locations with limited or obstructed headroom. The average curtain roll size is around 300mm-350mm in diameter, although this may be larger depending on the installation position and the material chosen for the curtain.

In the USA

In this country, this sort of garage doors are also called as “Sheet Doors” which are generally made from corrugated steel. Their development can be traced back to cover window and door coverings. They also can be constructed from other materials like transparent corrugated fiberglass in which powerful impact resistance is not needed. The reason is because corrugations offer strength to the door against the impacts.

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A typical single car garage roller door is featured with a preloaded spring inside the rolling mechanism. The spring lessen the attempt needed to open the door. Larger roller doors in many commercial premises are sprung and utilize a manual pulley and chain system or a geared motor to roll up and roll down the door. Here, you cannot effectively insulate the roller doors.

In the UK

Rather, you can find “insulated” roller garage doors in the UK (and other parts of the EU). They are built by using an aluminum lathe filled with polyurethane foam for thermal and acoustic insulation.

Typical insulation value for roller door in thermal insulation is 4.9 to 5.2. Meanwhile, a sheet steel garage door has a typical insulation value of 6.1 to 6.4. Application that requires more thermal insulation usually will use foam filled sectional garage door, which offer typical insulation values of 2.7 to 1.3.

Types of Roller Shutter Garage Doors

In more details, roller shutter garage doors are available in the UK as insulated double skinned aluminum or non-insulated single skin steel. Both of them provide the options of manual or remote control electric operation.

Single Skin

A Simple practical door combining quality and functionality. Due to its affordability and attractive design, this type of door is an ideal choice for new home owners as well as replacement dwellings.

Insulated Double Skinned

This kind of door are able to help reducing heat loss from your garage. This will mean that your structure will be warmer and more protected from the weather, as well as enhancing the security.

Single Skin Roller Garage Doors

Single Skin Roller Garage Doors

Applications and Benefits

There are indeed various advantages you can obtain. The roller garage door is popular as  the most versatile of garage doors for it can be manufactured to almost any size or colour.

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Related to application, as the roller garage door rolls up vertically this means you can install behind any shape of structural garage opening such as archways, etc.

Another very beneficial application is in the case a garage has a especially high ceiling or when tracks into the garage would be running in front of a side entrance door, brick pier or similar obstruction.


The following are some advantages you can enjoy from roller shutter garage door application:

  • A roller shutter garage door can be ideal for arched garage openings to optimize drive through height
  • A roller shutter garage door can be fitted onto double, triple or more garages with a multi-channel remote control system – ideal for ease of use
  • A roller shutter garage door can be specified with remote controls using the very latest rolling code technology for security. Your garage door can only be operated by your transmitter

Another benefit you can obtain from roller shutter garage door is the ability to be fitted behind, in between and in front of the opening.

Fitting Behind the Opening

When being installed and fitted inside the structural opening of the garage, the maximum width and height normally can be reached, even though you need to consider about a loss of garage length.

Fitting In between the Opening

When a roller shutter garage door fitted in-between the structural opening and fitting underneath the lintel, it can be said that the position is quite normal but will not provide as much of a wide drive through width or height when fully open.

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Fitting Outside the Opening

When you install the roller garage door outside of the opening on the front face of the garage opening, you need to use a complete hood cover in order to protect the curtain roll. For completing the look, you may do something like endplates will need powder coating.

Electric Roller Shutter Garage Door

Electric Roller Shutter Garage Door

Safety Considerations

Indeed, you need to give some cautious consideration regarding to the specification of an insulated roller garage door. The reason is that there are plenty manufactured roller doors which are still do not meet the rigorous CE regulations, or technically ‘illegal’.

Also, you need to be careful with some products that do not meet the ‘machinery directive’ regulations which are made to convey complete safety for particular products operated electrically and by remote control.

Basically, all of roller shutter garage doors must be equipped with a bottom-edge safety sensor as standard. Another factor need to be supplied is the door has an anti-fall-back device for total peace of mind. Also, you need to take into account the smooth finished edges on the guides and the curtain.

Gliderol Single Skin Roller Garage Door (Electric Opening)

Gliderol Single Skin Roller Garage Door (Electric Opening)


Most roller shutter doors are secure as standard, with manually operated versions featuring sliding bars that lock internally into the side channels. Remote control electric doors uses various different locking devices, commonly held from the barrel that the curtain is attached to. As an example, a cheap, basic electric aluminum roller door with basic internal mechanisms can be somewhat easy to break into.

The Classic Secure-Roll garage roller door

The Classic Secure-Roll garage roller door

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