Residential Portable Garage Ideas – Between Folding and Freestanding Car Shelters

Are you happened at the moment of deciding to build a garage or simply considering for some extra storage around your property? Whether you require a place to protect a vehicle or just some additional storage lot, you can turn to a portable garage.

Brief Explanation

By definition, a portable garage is a movable and frequently impermanent covered structure for vehicles as well as other valuable investments. Portable garages are normally purchased by homeowners who demanding for more storage space. They may also be bought if the owner does not wish for investing in an high-priced and permanent shelter on their property. Part of their attractive appeal is in their mobility, for it means that you are able to uproot and use them in different locations in the future.

Early History

Approximately in the beginning of the 21st century, many companies started to producing what-so-called portable garages, more particularly in the United States. Typically, these garages are constructed from metal and do not attach to the house or other structures, much similar to the garages built before 1950 (wiki). These sorts of garages are also manufactured as composite fabric garages with metal frames that are much more lightweight and also portable compared to brick-and-mortar as well as metal garage constructions. At first, a lot of homeowner’s associations scowl upon the installation of these nonconforming buildings, yet still, their popularity is flaring.

Purposes and Benefits

Vehicles are the most popular belonging protected by a portable garage. Top ranks for this protection priority are usually for a car or truck. Yet, you can still use this kind of portable garage to keep other types of vehicles like RVs, campers, motorcycles, boats, as well as different work or leisure vehicles like tractors or watercraft.

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The prominent benefit of a portable garage is that it’s able to shield any type of vehicle from weather elements, vandalism and pilfering with the condition that the vehicle can entirely fit inside it.

In addition, other than vehicles, you may build portable garage shelters as extra storage facilities. For example, in rural areas, you can find work equipment and tools, sand and salt piles, and hay are kept in portable garages. Even more, for the resourceful rural inhabitant, a portable garage can serve as a greenhouse, additional workspace or a shelter for livestock, such as horses or cattle.

Materials and Designs

The garages can be made-to-order to any personal specification, or can be bought from existing stock designs. As to durability, some materials used for making portable garage doors are aluminum, powder-coated or galvanized steel for frames and polyethylene for covers. Despite the application of rigid steel, you can discover portable garages in a great variety of colors, sizes and styles to satisfy the needs or preferences of the buyer.

Regarding to polyethylene material, it offers the best advantage of water resistant yet does not trap water. This means that mold and mildew accumulation is reduced during rainy or cold weather when ice may build up and on vehicles before being driven into the garage.

Additional Features

When you purchase a portable garage, you will get some additional features that may be offered during a construction or buying. These extras may include surface anchors or attachments, double-layering of polyethylene and option for “rip stop” material. You may also implement ultraviolet (UV) light protection and an inner black scrim into garage materials. If you’re looking for UV protection, you can design all sides of a garage so as not to let UV rays to penetrate the garage from any angle.

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You may also buy portable garages as kits so that the buyers are allowed to set up the garage themselves. These types of garages can last for several years after the first set up without the requirement for significant alteration.

Freestanding Portable Garages

You may likely find this freestanding portable garages in other terms or forms, such as car tent garages, as well as carports.

This type of mobile garage usually can be found in high quality 14 gauge, high tension galvanized steel, which is commonly clear coated for an anti rub finish. The frame diameter will vary depends on the structure size. The cover is made from rip stop polyethylene material with industrial welded seams. The fabric features a 10 – 15 year UV treating portable garage strength.

Due to wide range of sizes, these portable garages offer an excellent choice for a car or truck garage, even wood shed, garden shed, work shop, storage building, and much more. In general, freestanding portable garages have common standard height for sliding door, but it can be made personally upon request.


Portable Folding Garages

This kind of portable garage has a lot of different names like foldable mobile car garage, mobile car garage shelter, foldable all weather durable car tent, even as collapsible outdoor car cover tent shelter.

Foldable mobile car garage offers some benefits like effectively protects your car from sunlight, rain, dust, strong wind; shields from snow and frost, or even hail; UV resistant; waterproof; rustproof; prevents human injury (scratch); and other functions.

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Primary components for this folding portable garage generally will include steel tube construction for maximum strength, and high-efficiency waterproof oxford fabric, more precisely durable 600 D oxford farbic with PU coating, which is also stable and reliable. All seams are sealed with waterproof tape to guarantee 100% waterproof feature. Moreover, it has breathable side vents which enables natural convection to exhaust hot air from engines.

You can install them conveniently in quick and flexible maintenance which offer you aesthetically look. When not in use, you can remove and fold down this mobile garage hence saving up your space.

They can be customized in broad selection of colors and sizes to answer all kinds of car in various places like apartment, villas, parking lot, factory, own yard, and other places of any outdoor parking space.



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