Portable Garage: Some Guides for Buying Carport (2)

The following are more factors you need to consider for ultimately selecting and buying the right carport.


The answer to that question will definitely depend on how much attempt you are willing to try to setting up your portable carport. These mobile shelters are particularly designed to be friendly-user regarding to assembling process and usually can be found in ready-to-use kits. It’s one of their main benefits compared to other traditional garages and carports. The important thing is that as long as you have some basic tools and especially when someone is willing to help you, so you will not face any problems in putting one together.

When, however, you undergo such a DIY-phobia or would just prefer to not dealing with setting up your new ready-to-use kits, then a better option is by hiring a professional installer. Just keep in mind that by doing so also means will increase your total costs and that you perhaps need to make arrangements well in advance of when you are going to use your shelter.

What about the permits? In general, portable garages don’t typically ask for building permission. Still, the wisest one is to know in advance about your local government’s policies in prior to buying one. In this case, your local municipal department should be able to give you the information you need.


You may likely want to think about purchasing a specialty shelter, just in case that none of the standard portable carports you’ve seen seem to satisfy your needs and preferences. Specialty shelters are specifically designed to safeguard particular vehicles. They are typically much smaller than standard shelters and their shapes are determined by their function. Moreover, you may find that many of them aren’t even freestanding structures.

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In this category, specialty shelters are available in two basic types:


As implies by the name, this type of shelter serves in similar way like a protective bag for your vehicle. They are usually waterproof in feature and can be entirely sealed in order to prevent dirt, insects, and corrosive agents from getting into contact with your automobiles.


This kind of specialty shelter is broadly available only for motorcycles. They can functions as a protective shell for your vehicle. Furthermore, they are usually ideal for seasonal storage, as well as impermanent lodging especially while you’re traveling.


The main purpose of a portable garage is designed indeed to protect your vehicles. However, you can discover many models which are also fit for other works. To name some, portable carports can be highly ideal for sheltering livestock, whereas others can be applied to offer weather protection for festive occasions. What more is that nearly all of them provide a secured space to keep your outdoor equipment and supplies.

If all of these alternative uses are your interest, hence it absolutely deserves additional endeavor to discover a portable shelter that will not only protect your vehicles but also answer your other outdoor requirements and preferences. This will definitely prevent you from spending more time in hunting for another shelter later and, of course, save you from the need of making another purchase.


Generally speaking, the types of accessories that can be used will be varied depending on the manufacturer of portable garage you picked. However, there are a couple of basic ones that are featured for almost every model.

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Anchor Kits

Since portable carports and garages don’t have foundations the way that permanent structures do, it’s significant to anchor them. This anchor will prevent them from being badly overturned by wind. Some shelters are available with stabilizers, but it actually varies from brand to brand. And even if anchors are included with your shelter, they may not be suitable for the sort of installation you’re planning.

The following are some descriptions for anchors:

Auger-Style Anchors

These are appropriate for application in grass, clay, asphalt, and unpacked soil. They have a very simple corkscrew design to use and provide a very time-tested hold. You may also take off and re-utilize every time you want to relocate your carport.

Hook Anchors

You can use this anchor in grass, clay, gravel, asphalt, and hard-packed or rocky soil. They are easy to use as you don’t need to dig or make big holes the way that auger-style models do. Unfortunately, you can’t reuse them, thus they are usually more appropriate for permanent installations.

Cement and Concrete Anchors

This kind of anchor is the one you’ll need when you’re planning to use your garage on a cement or concrete surface. These anchors offer a really firm hold, yet are apparently only suitable for permanent applications.

Sidewall and Enclosure Kits

Do you want to give your portable carport extra weather protection? If so, you may consider investing in a sidewall or enclosure kit. These accessories let you to alter your portable garage into a completely enclosed place and give it a role more like a traditional storage structure. The kit components will vary, but most comprise three walls and a door. If you have an interest in a closable construction where you can drive through, some manufacturers do offer kits with two doors.

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Sidewalls can also be very helpful when you’re planning to use your portable carport as a shelter for outdoor parties, for example. They can create a more sophisticated appearance to your event and offer your guests with some privacy. If your interest is in bug protection, mesh walls are will be an option for some models. Just ensure that you check what you get with your portable carport before ordering or even purchasing an enclosure kit since a lot of products actually include sidewalls as part of their covers.


Given with all information, now you are able to successfully sail through the world of portable garages and carports. As long as you give a little bit of time to think about your needs and even personal preferences before starting your quest, finding the right shelter will be an agile and simple task.


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