Portable Garage: Some Guides for Buying Carport (1)

Are you still looking for a portable garage, but don’t want to buy just anything? Most people want the best solution for protecting their valued property or asset, more especially their vehicles and their precious belongings.

You will definitely deal with a lot of questions regarding to which is the best shelter for your home portable garage. Perhaps, you’ve already known the popularity of portable carports, yet it’s most likely that you don’t have any idea just how many options you’d have. But don’t worry, once you know more about the choices, it will be a lot easier to decide a shelter capable of satisfying your need and preference.


First at all is indeed figuring out the best size. Deciding a portable garage in fact is quite daunting or even discouraging. However, it’s actually not really that complicated. Try to take into account the following three factors while choosing the right size for your portable carport size.

The number of automobile(s) you plan to store

It’s unquestionably the first thing you know is how many automobiles do you plan to shelter. These vehicles may include like how many cars, boats, or even ATVs. You need to consider this matter because each one demands for its own space for protection. However, it’s also important to keep in mind that you’re going to necessarily providing a room to maneuver if you plan to store more than vehicle under your portable carport. It means that you have to make sure there is enough space to steer.

In fact, there is no regulation governing how much space you should assign for each vehicle, as your space requirement will differ depending on the size of your automobile(s) and the type of your vehicle(s). For instance, a boat or watercraft attached to a trailer is going to take up much more unwieldy space compared to other vehicles like a car or truck. Don’t forget that your personal preferences will play role as well in this case.

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The size of the vehicle(s) you want to protect

Whether you’re going to put one car or even more than ten automobiles under the protection of any portable carport, it’s important to first figure out the dimension or the size of your vehicles. Of course, you don’t have to get the information about the precise measurements of your vehicle dimensions. It’s simply that you at least you know the rough estimation of the total amount of space the vehicles will eat up or allow them to steer.

For example, if you’re planning to park cars or trucks, it’s mostly a better idea to add a few feet to your length and width of the total to leave room for the opening of car doors and trunks. In addition, you need take into account the height of the tallest vehicle you’re going to place under the shelter, hence you can assure that you obtain a portable carport with adequate clearance.

The Location and its size

Where do you want to build your movable garage? What is its dimension? Those are some questions before choosing and even purchasing a portable carport. Indeed, it’s crucial to determine a location for constructing your portable garage in prior to starting your shopping search.

By doing that, you’re going to figure out how much space you have to work with for placing your portable carport, as well as any logistical issues you’re going to deal with during the operation. The main point to think about is to ensure that your carport will appropriately fit well into the lot you’ve decided for it, or not simply literally be able to squeeze into it. As an example, when you pick a too large shelter, it will tend to make the rest of your property feel and look cramped.

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Picking the material for your portable garage can be such an intimidating job to do. It’s because that the materials you’re going to use to build your mobile garage will highly related with its strength, weight, and price. Regarding to portable carport, you need to consider the information about how to determine what sort of frame and cover are right for your need and preferences.


It can be said that lightweight yet strong are the main features being emphasized on the design for many portable garages and carport options. Therefore, the most common material for carport frame is steel.

Steel is usually selected over other metal materials due to its first-rate durability feature. More especially when we compare different brands and models, the best recommended thing to try and do is paying attention to the diameter of the steel used to construct the frame. In general, the larger the diameter of the steel tubing, the stronger and sturdier the carport is going to be.
Presented that fact, perhaps you might be questioning why you wouldn’t straightforwardly choose the portable carport manufactured with largest diameter of steel. The primary reason is that carport structures using large diameter steel are more high-priced. Consequently, they won’t be as practical more particularly if you’re on a tight budget.

Moreover, they’re also heavier, thus causing them much less favorable if you’re planning to remove and move your garage in frequent basis. Therefore, you will need to determine if the extra strength feature is worth the additional cost and weight. In the case that you are going to use your shelter up for long periods or are planning to use it for business aims, for example, then it probably be a perfect idea to opt for a larger diameter. However, when you will use it merely for more casual purpose in mind, hence it may not be worth it.

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By and large, you may discover portable carport covers which are constructed from polyester or polyethylene materials. Polyethylene is by far the preferred material, though, since it performs a better job of filtering out UV rays and prolongs more of its strength over time. Unluckily, this type of portable carports are also the more costly of the two materials thereby polyester may be a better option if you’re trying to lessen the costs. Once again, you will have to determine which one is more essential, whether durability or economy.

You can check more buying guides for portable carports here.


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