Picking For the Right Cabinets for Your Garage Storage System

Garage storage systems are definitely an excellent means to make use an unused space as well as organizing the inescapable pile of items that can build up in an uncoordinated garage. From gardening supplies to seasonal ornaments to bikes, toys, and tools, sometimes it can be challenging to even get a car in there.

Instead of parking on the street, select one of great storage systems, garage cabinets, and transform that mess of things back into useful stuff which you can actually find when you need them.

There are several steps you need to carry out in turning your garage into a more organized and helpful place.

Figure Out Your Space

The first step is deciding how much space you need to work with and how much you allow for storing purposes. Numerous people surprisingly undervalue how much space their storage solutions will take up. Therefore, make sure to begin by measuring your space.

Next, determine how much space the car will eat up and be certain to allow room for the car door to open as well as pathways to the doors.

Finally, organize your possessions. You may start by sorting out all of the items that you no longer need or want. Remember that you have to be ruthless with this step and tuck away anything that has not been used in over a year or is unlikely to be utilized in the next one. Here, it’s better to sort these discards into three piles: donations, garage sale, and garbage. And then, organize what you are storing by how often you will need access to each stuff.

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Cabinet Systems

Cabinet systems offer the most flexibility and commonly come with a broad variety of accessories such as workbenches, pegboards, bins and drawers.

You can customize them to match just about any space and storage requests and necessities. They absolutely will maintain your garage from becoming a big mess. As to visual look, these cabinet systems are available in a great variety of finished and styles to fit your décor and convey a touch of organization and class to your garage.

Garage Cabinet Materials

Once you have decided what kind of storage solutions you will pursue, in this case is cabinet system, then the next question is what material to use. This is mostly an aesthetic pick, but there are some functional implications of metal versus wood choices. In other words, there are pros and cons with each alternative in which the garage planner must actually think about.

Wood Storage Cabinets

Wood usually will refer to all types of wood, such as plywood, veneer, natural woods, and even pressboard or particleboard.

By choosing wooden cabinets you will get several advantages:

  • It’s commonly less costly.
  • It is easier to paint and maintain.
  • It is easier to install.
  • It is usually easier to modify them for your specific requirements, for example, changing hinges or ornamental hardware.
  • They do not need to be “special made” for the garage. For instance, you can repurpose kitchen cabinets, old furniture, and even shipping crates and convert them into garage storage cabinets. You can create the look of a custom-made solution by painting them a common color and unifying hardware.
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However, wood is susceptible to a destruction by pests, moisture, and age if not properly maintained. This is particularly true for particle board if it is not kept dry.

Metal Storage Cabinets

The most popular metal cabinets are steel, mainly stainless steel, and aluminum.

Steel cabinets can be very impressive, particularly when accommodating a heavy load. Meanwhile, stainless steel and aluminum cabinets are resistant to rust, but still need to be well-kept.

Purchasing metal cabinets is going to work best when you’ve already figured out what you need and want. After that you can pick for a complete set of cabinets.

The drawback will be adding or changing cabinets later is hard, since the model may no longer be available. For example, consider the cabinets at the left. What are you going do if one of them were damaged? Or you decided that you demand for one with drawers?  Unless the manufacturer were still producing this model, you might have to renew the whole set.

Plywood, Particle Board (MDF) or Melamine Storage Cabinets

Melamine is heavy, difficult to alter but insusceptible to moisture. By the way, you will sometimes find melamine cabinets classified as plastic storage cabinets.

Plywood and particle board is just the opposite, namely they aren’t good around water, but easy to change, paint, install and maintain. In this case, veneer-covered plywood can be very captivating and long-lasting if not extremely exposed to moist situations.

By and large, this is actually a matter of aesthetics and individual selection, and cost, of course. Whatever you pick, work with what you have, and it will serve you well.

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Once you have selected your cabinets, organizing what you place into or onto them is also  just as important. Get rid of whatever you do not use very frequent and stash seasonal items out of the way. Store your gardening supplies together in a particular area by the door to the garden and arrange your tools by your new workbench. Set aside some time discovering the right place for everything and you aren’t only be able to find it more easily but you’re also going to have a much easier time retaining your garage organized in the long term.



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