Why You Should Pick for Fiberglass Garage Doors

Nearly all of the homeowners are concentrated more to make their property look better  and therefore, prefer to installing deluxe garage doors. Timber or wooden doors are commonly categorized as high-priced choices which not only offering great security, but also improve the aesthetic appeal of a garage and home. However, for those who don’t get the luxury of timber garage doors, an alternative do exist, namely fiberglass.

This material is said to be more durable compared to wood and resolve the disadvantages encountered by wooden garage doors. The modern premium fiberglass garage doors are more than just fiberglass. Actually they are composite doors, combining a steel core behind a fiberglass skin. Many of them have also polyurethane insulated base sections, in order to achieve higher insulation levels.

Indeed, most of people are searching for a inexpensive and light garage door for their home or storage buildings. The older style fiberglass panel garage doors will offer the job of keeping away the weather and prying eyes from getting into your building. The garage doors in fiberglass panel construction creates such a very light and also permit light to perforate into the garage.

Why you should select fiberglass garage doors

The supreme reason behind the high reputation of fiberglass door is its low price. They are mostly selected by those homeowners who are especially on a tight budget, but still wish for owning a beautiful door. Their price is indeed much less than wooden doors.

As stated above, unlike all other garage door materials, fiberglass is lightweight in nature. This makes these doors easy to handle and install. They are also maintenance friendly and only demand minimum labors for cleaning and lubricating.

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Garage doors in fiberglass panels which are supported by an aluminum frame are also going to be helpful in keeping the door light. In this case, single layer fiberglass garage doors cost is very affordable.

As to look, fiberglass doors are available in different designs, patterns, and finishes. They provide more aesthetic and classy looks which makes them broadly popular among many homeowners.

These doors are easy to customize as fiberglass can be easily cut and modified compared to wood. Moreover, you can find them in various translucent shades and colors that makes them the perfect option, particularly when your garage is used as an office, gym or spare room.

It is true that fiberglass is easily manipulable and therefore can imitate any sort of material. For example, you can choose one with the warmth and beauty of wood, or keep its transparent nature to allow a soft light comes in. In addition, you also can customize them and they’re great for coastal areas.

One of the most outstanding feature offered by this door is that it is less inclined to damages and rotting compared to wooden ones. Furthermore, they don’t get affected by rains and snow.

Some Drawbacks of fiberglass garage doors

Unfortunately, provided with all of its advantages stated earlier, fiberglass still can gradually yellow and finally break over time, particularly in cold environments. The reason is that they are not environment friendly and takes a substantially long time for disposing. This specifically due to the use of synthetic material.

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On the contrary, if you live on saltwater areas then applying garage doors fiberglass panels to build a garage is likely the best way to reduce and control salt air corrosion. It only takes a very short time for ordinary metal doors even those covered with corrosion resistant coatings to start to exhibit the effects of saltwater and air.

Also, it is said that fiberglass garage doors do not do a good job of keeping burglars away from your contents. Many thieves in reality will target fiberglass doors due to the fact they are easiest to break through and enter into. Therefore, if you highly value your property and/or garage belongings, it would be wise to find a storage unit with a solid conventional door.

Fiberglass doors doesn’t offer insulation benefits compared to wooden doors which are known great in insulation. There is very little insulating value and if you are installing them in areas of extreme cold you will find that they will at times burst just like glass. Or, that will make them shatter in cold climates which probably will have impact on their operation. For instance, just the act of opening and closing the door on a very cold day will cause significant damage.

As stated in the first paragraph, fiberglass garage doors also fade when exposed to direct sun light which leads them to turn to a dingy yellow color. The garage doors fiberglass panels are also very noisy not just when raising or lowing them but also during any wind storm.

Moreover, clearly garage doors fiberglass panels are not suitable for buildings that are situated in coastal high wind zones. In most cases they suffer damage in moderate storms much less hurricane force winds. In fact, generally you will not be able to get building code approval for the installation of fiberglass garage doors in these zones.

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Ultimately, in terms of garage doors pricing, it’s true that fiber glass garage doors are low in budget. However with few exceptions, some experts do not recommend the application or installation of fiber glass garage doors. One of the reasons is because garage door is the most vulnerable point in almost all structures. Therefore, cutting costs by using low-priced garage doors fiberglass panels to construct your garage door is most likely not a good idea.

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