Interesting Benefits You Can Get From Portable Garage Plans

There are myriad advantages that portable garage owners can enjoy. When you’ve already decided to buy a portable garage, you can avoid some problems like the expense, permanence and the requirement for additional space related to constructing a garage for your vehicle in reality. Rather, you can enjoy a solution: not permanent, inexpensive, and portable one.

Despite the common fact that numerous homeowners instantly reckon a built garage to be more sturdy and secure, it is not the only firm choice for parking, keeping, and protecting your vehicle. In this case, you may also turn to some great benefits offered by a portable garage.


The first, and likely most apparent big advantage for owning a portable garage is, of course, portability.

Portability means you are able to easily move or reposition your portable garage, which cannot be applied to the permanent one. You don’t need to have it up most of the time if you don’t want it to be up. You can keep a number of different vehicles, equipment and other items or structures underneath your portable garage, especially during the winter times, which later you can easily relocate when the season is ended.

Due to its easy to set up and take down, you can assemble a single-car portable garage in just a few hours. And it can be taken down just as easily, then moved to a new location or stored away.

Of course, portability doesn’t mean you have to pick it up and move it around your property on a whim. A portable garage can and should be steadfastly anchored, even if its only role is a short-time sun shade. But neither is it demanded that you prepare a special location or “build” a complete garage structure.

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Almost all of the portable garages available on the market offer a very simple design. They are very effortless to set up and take apart, different with the more permanent garage structures. All you have to focus on is a sturdy anchorage system for it – in other words, you don’t have to immerse on drilling or digging, during the setup process.

Nor does having a portable garage also does not mean you get a fragile frame that prone to collapse due to a strong wind. Technology has enabled many manufacturers to produce stronger fabrics and lighter but still-strong frames, thereby they’re also much sturdier and longer-lasting than you might anticipate.


Portable garages are definitely less expensive. Or else, it’s much cheaper to spend your money on a portable garage, as compared to constructing a permanent one. The price will of course vary according to the size, option and material you demand for your portable garage. Despite that, the overall cost of any type of portable garage is going to be much affordable than a regular, built garage.

Moreover, a portable garage is the least costly structure for those who look for extra storage or vehicle shelter. It’s said that prices for standard single-car canvas canopies and garages are as low as $200 – $400.

Of course, the costs will be different or even rise for larger vehicles, going up to $2000 for the largest motor home. However, overall portable shelters are an highly good value, and are far less pricey compared to their wooden or metal counterparts.

Requires No Foundations

Nearly all of the portable vehicle shelters are usually designed to be applied without any sort of permanent foundation. It is suitable for your shelter almost anywhere you can park your vehicle.

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Still, of course a clean and level surface will enhance stability. And although a portable garage means including temporary anchors, you should also buy a set of permanent anchors. You can find different types of anchors, depending on whether the portable garage is located on dirt, asphalt, concrete, or gravel.

Usually Requires No Permits

Since a portable garage requires no foundation, and the garage is not attached to a permanent structure, therefore usually you need no permit to build one. This will mean that you are able to save both time and expense. However, just to be on the safe side, you should check with your local building department for their requirements.

Less Installation Time

By looking at all of the above reasons, you can upright portable garages faster than virtually any other type of car shelter. Except for permanent anchors, which are sometimes optional, garage kits usually come with all the necessary parts. The framing and canvas can be purchased in pre-cut. And in many cases, the steel joints are available with what-so-called ‘slip-fit’ connections to exceedingly speed the assembly process.

It will only take a couple hours to assemble the typical 10×20 or 12×20 portable garage or canopy. Even, for example, the largest 40’ motor home shelters can be mostly be put together in less than a day. Remember that no digging, drilling or cutting is needed.

Flexibility and Multiple Uses

Basically what is your purpose for having a portable garage? Some answer that protecting a car or truck is the most obvious function for these portable garages. But you may not also overlook or even underestimate other possibilities they offer. These can be ranged from: How about as a functional and spacious storage for you ATV, lawnmower, bicycles, or garden tools ? up to How about a double-duty as a workshop ? Portable garage ideas indeed have their own flexibility.

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Furthermore, a portable garage does offer you more choices as well. There are more numerous options in which having styling which are highly perfect for holding your outdoor parties or other events. In order to provide shade and maintain an open airy feel, take into account an enclosed model with removable side panels, or an open canopy with a valance. All you need is a little creativity thus you can transform an daily ordinary vehicle shelter into a stunning outdoor party canopy.

In the case of a little extra space on your property, a portable garage kit or canopy is an superior solution for your vehicle protection and storage needs.


Portable Garage Canopy Multiple Use

Portable Garage Canopy Multiple Use

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