Impressive Multiple Car Garage Plans for Automobile Fans

Perhaps you have the luxury of more than one vehicles at home? Or it just that you’re a hardcore fan of sport cars? By and large, a home living with two or three cars will absolutely demands somewhat larger garage. But, what about if you have more than three or even nine cars? The following are three houses which are truly a car lover’s dream.

Infiniti Bi-Folding Aluminum Garage Doors

Bi fold doors are absolutely going to transform the look of any room in your house. They also will change the feel and the purpose of any space as well. For garage, the bi-folding doors  will offer a focal point, creating that all important wow factor.

Some of features you can obtain from these Infiniti bi-fold doors are as follow:

Infiniti bi- fold doors are guaranteed to perform faultlessly for 20 years.

Thermal performance. Infiniti bi fold doors provide matchless thermal efficiency, assuring the minimum transfer of heat. It means that it will keep the cold weather outside while you are bathing in the warmth inside.

Infiniti Doors surpass all current U Value requirements set by British Building Regulations.

Infiniti uncompromising design features the most sophisticated weather tight seals and the locking mechanisms to guarantee maximum compression and weather resistance.

Safety first. Each design is available with a finger safe gasket, assuring no digits are trapped in either a closing or shut door.

Free Glide. The bottom of every door has its own long wheel base carriage. These hide floor wheels within a low threshold base track, allowing smooth movement and creating that craved infinity visual perception.

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Low Threshold. Infiniti’s low threshold and sunken track diminish the boundaries between your home (or garage) and the outside world. Low threshold designs enable infinity sights and an all round affluent finish.

Manufactured in the UK. Infiniti Doors are made in the UK, ensuring superior levels of customer service prior to, during and post any buying.

Quality Bi Fold doors in Hampshire

These pictures below a selection of our installations across our region including towns and cities such as Portsmouth, Salisbury, Bournemouth, Southampton, Winchester, Romsey, New Forest along as well as other areas of Hampshire, West Sussex and Dorset.

The Glass Pavilion

The Glass Pavilion is a super dwelling designed and built by architect Steve Hermann. This ultramodern house is based in Los Angeles which was fully completed in 2010. The unique thing you can see from this home living is the garage functioned as an art gallery displaying the owner’s precious collections of vintage automobiles. It is such a highly generous space which is able to house up to 32 cars within its delicate walnut lined walls.

The house itself is situated on a three-and-a-half acres lot in Santa Barbara, California. This 13,875 square foot deluxe structure features five bedrooms, five-and-a-half bathrooms, a grand hallway, a kitchen with a large wine room and a garage which is actually an art gallery exhibiting the architect’s great vintage car collection.

For showing off his cherished auto collectibles, the garage or the art gallery has been built in large glass panels, implausibly clear glass are used here. The house uses massive structural beams which also seems weightless as it lingers above an expansive lawn.

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The architect built the home for himself in the first place, but changed his plans and put the residence on the market in 2013 for $35,000,000, in which cars and furniture not included!

Nine Car Garage Design Idea – KRE House

This house was designed and completed by a Japanese architect, Takuya Tsuchida, of No. 555 Architectural Design Office. It has a garage that is able to accommodate nine cars which also featured with the possibility of seeing one of the cars from the living room.

This residence is truly a car lover’s dream. Kre House is originally created undeniably for a sport car enthusiast. It is such a beautiful, a gleaming, sprawling modern home living built with some progressive functionality for the autophile of the homeowner. It is located in the high-end residential area, on 2,000 square foot lot in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan.

Nine Car Garage Kre House by No

As stated above, the most extraordinary requests demanded by the client are “garage space for nine cars”, “the most favorite car in the living room” and also “high tree in the living room”. Since all the request cannot be accommodated on the project site, the building itself was designed as a large “Living Room”.

As a consequent, Tsuchida needed to come up with a design taking account the two prerequisites with the lot of only 2000 square feet at his disposal in the posh Shirokane area of Tokyo. And at last he came up with an interestingly striking design to meet the condition posed by the client – an elevator that elevates and moves client’s favorite car from the garage right away to the living room!

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Nine Car Garage Kre House by No

The greatest thing about KRE House is indeed that you can bring and display your favorite car into your living room by an elevator lift, in an instance, since the building was designed as a big living room.

The structure itself comprises light steel structure boxes that were cautiously installed to the reinforced concrete box, maintaining the required distance and height with the car and the high tree.

Nine Car Garage Kre House by No Nine Car Garage Kre House by No

Below its relaxed, by employing the entire basement, nine cars are able to be parked. Such a contemporary interior where we can find a nine car garage with an elevator or custom-made lift that conveys the homeowner’s favorite auto of the moment right into the living room. When the lift is lowered, it makes the system closed other movable floor.

In this case, that classic Lamborghini becomes the true centerpiece to this modern home, but the system offers enough flexibility to change that around on a whim in the blink of an eye.

Takuya Tsuchida indeed has outdone himself, for this is a genuinely inspired work of interior design for the loft-loving autophiles that are not able to keep their passions in the garage.

Nine Car Garage Kre House by No

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