Highly Functional Portable Garage Plans between Car Canopy and/or Carport Options

Craving something not only functional yet also practical, as well as aesthetically nice looking, for parking your vehicles under good protection? Portable garages can be good choices for you who demand for a garage but in fact you don’t necessarily have the time and also funds to construct or purchase a traditional one. In this occasion, why don’t you give a thought between what-so-called car canopy and/or carport ideas?


By adding car canopy, you will get such a portable device that’s going to offer you and your vehicles with protection from getting exposed by direct sunlight.

You can discover these car canopies in open-air as well as enclosed designs. A car canopy indeed can be applied as an affordable way to provide protective covering for any vehicle at home, or even to take along for camping trips. They are usually available in several different size options, thus likely allowing you to build an impermanent carport for just about any size vehicle.


The Material and Design

By and large, a car canopy is structured of metal framing combined with a canvas roof. Its component parts of the frame are commonly factory-made so they snatch or fit together without the need for aid of tools. Once you assemble the the frame, the canvas roof is mantled over the top of the composition and either tied or snapped into place.

Not only friendly-user in form of short assembling time, the canopy serves as a type of shelter from the elements, particularly preventing the heat of the sun from warming the interior of your vehicle in a very effective way. Moreover, you’ll find that the canvas roof is light enough to manage with ease, yet robust enough to withstand rainstorms, hail, and other intemperate weather which tend to damage the finish or body of any vehicle.

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Canopy Kit and Its Benefits

Car canopy is sometimes also referred to as a portable garage. Its means that it’s possible to buy a canopy kit for open-air designs as well as fully enclosed models. Both options provide you with significant advantages compared to a simple car cover, as the canopy does not let easy access to the interior of the vehicle. The kits also tend to consume just a little more space than a standard car cover, thereby they will suit effortlessly into the trunks of most cars.

Furthermore, a car canopy can be a perfect answer for renters who look for some types of protection for their vehicles, despite the absence of garage on the property. Because you can disassemble the car canopy when necessary, therefore it will be such a simple task to take the device apart and move it when the tenants change to a new location. Also, in the meantime, the canopy is very helpful to protect the paint job of the car as well as guaranteeing that the seats and steering column are not uncomfortably hot from sitting out in the sun for most of the day.


Talking about the price, you’re able to find canopies available at very inexpensive prices. Typically, a car canopy of this type can be discovered in a simple frame covered with a canvas roof. More high-priced models frequently feature walls composed of heavy canvas or lightweight metal panels.

The size of the canopy will also play a role in the final buying price, in which canopies ideal for compact vehicles will cost a little less, whereas larger models designed to house recreational vehicles costing substantially more.

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The first carport creation can be dated back to the early 1900s, and these constructions were afterward granted their name by famed American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

By definition, a carport is structure composed of an open-sided, roofed structure design especially built for keeping at least one parked car, van, truck, boat, trailer or recreational vehicle (RV).

Carports usually have their sides opened rather than walled. As a result, there is no need for garage doors and a garage door opener in a carport. However, unlike garages, carports frequently do not offer much storage space. A carport can be seen in an attached structure to the side of a building or it may be a free-standing one. Many homeowners build their carport in the front of a home leading in from the main driveway, while others also can be located in side or backyards, plus having dirt, concrete, gravel or paved driveways.

Materials and Their Benefits

Carports are commonly composed by supporting posts and a roof as their basic structure. And regarding to their materials, carports can be made from various materials like wood, vinyl, aluminum or steel.

In this case, steel carports are widely considered the strongest and most durable. Galvanized steel carports with a one-piece roof coated in a zinc finish is able to hold out rust, and also such a sturdy roof construction. It’s better to keep in mind that carport roofs with many sections may not be as solid. What is more, steel is also fire resistant and not vulnerable to termites or mold from water damage.

The main benefit of wood carports is that they can visually look very captivating and be constructed to fit in with the entire style and appearance of a particular house. With proper maintenance, wood carports can be long lasting.

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Next is carports in vinyl material. They indeed aren’t as popular as wood and steel versions, but they are oftentimes quite effortless to set up and are water-resistant. Vinyl is a recyclable synthetic material with its full name polyvinylchloride (PVC) and it’s famous for strength.

Aluminum carports also aren’t as common as steel versions, but they are lightweight in feature. You can find them available in a broad wide range of colors to be coordinated with house colors. Aluminum carports are available in portable and permanent options. Although not as strong as steel, aluminum has the advantage of being more lightweight and consequently many portable metal carports are manufactured from aluminum.

Price and other Functions

Carport kits offer a lower priced alternative to custom built carports. All types of carports have open sides, yet the weather protection they offer is sufficient in most areas. Even, larger carports provide much more shelving and storage space. For carports are roofed, yet also open on the sides, you may add a picnic table for rainy day outdoor eating if the carport is placed close to the kitchen.

Also, a portable carport may consist of a lightweight aluminum frame and a cloth canopy. These types of carports are frequently used not only for storing parked vehicle, but also for outdoor recreation purposes, such as sun protection during beach camping or wind protection during hunting trips.


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