Give Your Garage An Organization Overhaul

Winter blues are changing into a bright summer. This time is full of people who’ve already booked for their vacation plans in advance and grill is firing up for a season of barbequing. However, there’s one thing left on that To-Do list you must bear in mind and handle before you can relish in the glory of summer: clean out the garage.

You need to make your garage organized so you can keep track of all of your summer equipment. Although cleaning out the garage seems like a daunting task, with a little assistance, you can have the garage cleaned out fast – allowing you loads of time to enjoy the summer. The following are some of smart solutions help maximize the storage potential and utility of this overlooked space.

Getting Started

You may begin by taking everything out of the garage and sorting the items by season, activity, and frequency. For example, items that you won’t be using for several months, like a snow blower or snow thrower should be stored until winter. In addition, if you have tools or equipment that you use on a less regular basis, such as spare roof tiles or exterior siding panels for your home, these items can also be stored away. This way, the garage will have adequate space to accommodate all items you use more often, and enable an easy, quick access to them.

How It Works

If you think you have an overwhelming about of stuff in the garage, offset by taking inventory of all your belongings and writing a list. Then, know your garage’s measurements, probably by drawing a working sketch of the space to decide the best way to organize items in prior to moving them around.

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While taking inventory of everything in the garage, try to ask some questions like “What do I need access to this summer and what don’t I need access to for a few months?” If so, you can take anything you won’t need for a while into a corner or backroom of the garage.

Once you’ve known what to stash in long-term storage, you can employ an organization system. As a start, divide the garage into distinct areas, and then assign sections for frequently utilized tools (gardening and woodworking for example), machinery (lawnmowers, weed whacker, etc.) and other equipment and be sure that these areas are easily accessible.

Relying on your needs, you likely eager to designate extra storage space for activities you oftentimes do. If you’re planning for gardening projects this summer, for example, you’ll definitely need to create such a sufficient space to hoard and arrange everything you’ll need – bags of dirt, brick/stone, plants, pots, seeds, etc. Meanwhile, if you are pursuing to exercise your woodworking skills this summer, thus you’ll require adequate space for all your equipment plus wood and/or paint for forthcoming projects.

General Cleaning Tips

Enhance the capacity of your garage’s by using walls to keep bigger tools such as shovels, rakes, and power tools.

Use a pegboard to hang and arrange tools. Paint squares on the pegboard to allocate spots for particular items. Place frequently used tools in areas where you can easily reach them.

Use hooks to secure the most unwieldy tools without eating too much desired wall space. For enough space, mount the hooks in between items to avoid any handles from knocking together.

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Install screwdriver racks to store tools organized. Pick a design that shows the tool tips thus  you can easily recognize items at a glance.

Upcycle spice containers from the kitchen to stock small items such as screws, nails, and bolts. Put label on each container for easier identification. Mount a magnetic panel to a pegboard to hold the canisters when not in use.

To save your time from searching around things, go for plastic bins and trays to create space for keeping regularly used items, such as seed packets, pliers, and painter’s tape.

Gardening Station

In the space now selected for gardening, open shelving high on the wall is going to corral fertilizers and soil, whereas a wall-mounted folding table offers a handy surface for potting plants.

Stash pots bins, soil, and watering cans vertically on adjustable shelves to free up space and get rid of clutter on the floor. Adjustable shelving makes it effortless to reorganize and remount shelves at various heights to house new items.

For an easy-to-access surface for potting plants, mount a folding table beneath the shelving unit.

To keep messy things such as soil or salt for de-icing pathways in winter, apply strong containers like trash cans or bins. Put a cup inside the container for easy measuring.

Power Tools Storage

You can use small yet deep shelves to store oversize power tools, such as these leaf blowers. Meanwhile install multiple hooks to hang other lighter equipment, like snow shovels, brooms, and ladders.

Seasonal Savvy

Clearly labeled bins can be such a good, smart idea to store any holiday decorations, garden gear, and other supplies that you don’t use year-round. By doing so, you can keep them out of sight but still within easy reach.

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Fishing Gear Organization

Angling to reel in a big catch this summer? Then you absolutely have to create enough space for all your fishing rods, reels, and lures.

You can stash fishing rods vertically or horizontally, just as long as you store them straight, unbent, and out of the way.

If you opt for vertical arrangement, mount PVC piping or upcycled toilet paper rolls to your garage wall. You may be able to fit two or three rods inside it, depending on the diameter of the piping or roll.

As a secondary option, measure the length of the longest rod and employ the measurements to set up stall hooks. Lay your rods on top of the hooks to ensure the rods are supported. If not, attach extra stall hooks as required.

Lawn Care Storage

There’s a lot of lawn-care equipment consuming space in your garage, ranged from lawn mowers and weed whackers to snow blowers and shovels.

Devote a space big enough to store all of your seasonal lawn-care products. When the weather starts to cool down, give your lean, mean grass-cutting machine one final check, before keeping it for winter. By doing so, you’re going to obtain sufficient room to hold all your snow removal equipment.

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