Garage Storage – What Not to Store and How to Organize It

In the real life, your garage is not merely for parking any of your vehicles. In fact, this space be an accidental dumping zone, a place where you can simply store anything. There are of course numerous ways to transform this cluttered place into a more functional, organized space.


Your garage is indeed a perfect storage spot, however you should remember that it will turn into such a cluttered catchall without you realize it. You need to keep in mind that your garage cannot hold just everything.

Unfortunately, in the real life, most people store things they decided they no longer want in their daily living space. So they take it out of the house, out of the sight, out of the mind, and yet there they sit, in the garage.

In this case you have to declutter your garage space by checking and editing your belonging stocks, or even donating what is no longer needed. While selecting some stocks of belongings in your garage, there are three rules of thumb you should memorize about the proper garage storage. First, do not store any stuff that could be beaten-up by extreme or unsteady temperatures. Second, do not stash any possession that prone to be damaged by moisture and humidity. And third, do not hoard any hazardous substances that could easily ruin your home.

Some lists of things that can be stored elsewhere are as follow:


This can be happen usually after making purchases at bulk stores since it’s very cost-effective. However, your garage is not the appropriate space to stock your staples. The main reason is that food’s highly able to attract rodents and other pests. Plus, exposure to heat and humidity will make your groceries suffer from spoilage. In this case, one of the best choices can be an unused closet or cupboard in the house.

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Wine can be easily expanded and contracted due to the unsteady temperatures, which subsequently will cause oxidation. It’s better to use a wine cabinet or wine refrigerator inside the house.

 Day-to-day Used Items

As stated by Lisa Mark, a certified professional organizer at The Time Butler in Los Altos, California, a garage is the most ideal for infrequently used items.


Avoid using cardboard boxes to stash any belongings, particularly in the garage space. The reason is because it will be highly vulnerable to insects and pests that are able to damage them. The better solution can be storing your items in waterproof, pest-proof plastic bins.



Garage has a very fluctuating temperature and humidity. Those two will cause paint flake and crack, hence the canvas will be easily to expand and contract. For long-term keeping, you can pack any art works in a painting rack inside the house which is away from heaters or fireplaces.


Do not let your treasured photos to stick together or even grow mold due to the moisture and extreme temperatures in your garage. Stow these cherished items in a closet inside your house, not in the basement.

Important Papers

Many documents like passports, birth and marriage certificates, and other difficult-to-replace papers can be easily destroyed by moisture. It’s better to keep them in a fireproof box in a home office or bedroom.

Refined Attires

Heat and humidity can be two elements that tend to damage any refined outfits like a wedding dress, a graduation gown, or baby’s first clothing. You better hoard those precious clothes in an acid-free box in a chest or closet inside the house.

Gas Tanks

Due to the danger of ignition, any kind of fuel tanks should be kept outside the garage. Set containers on a flat surface outdoors, away from your house.

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Even your leftover paint can be damaged by extreme temperatures in the garage. Store those paint cans indoors, away from children’s reach, in a basement or closet.

Dangerous Materials

It is indeed better to avoid placing any hazardous or even toxic substances inside your garage.

Wooden Furniture

Easily fluctuating garage temperatures are going to expand and contract any wooden furniture stored inside. For this sort of item you can keep it in good condition inside the house or in a more climate-controlled storage unit.


To overhaul your dumping-ground-like garage, you unquestionably need to set aside some time by doing the following efforts.

Begin to Sort Things

You may start sorting some items into piles of related items, such as house maintenance and repair supplies, sports gear, garden tools, holiday decorations, recycling, etc. For things that need to stay in the garage, shelving and cabinets will keep them close to where they’re needed.

Keep Similar Items Together

After sorting, then you can consolidate items.

Deviate Attention

Draw the eye away from clutter. For example, change the wall into an attractive space with architectural interest, hang coat hooks for jackets and hats, or set up a rack close to the outdoor door for muddy boots.

Extra Storage Choices

Garage shelving can be found in numerous options at various costs. The most essential purpose is to provide adequate shelving to hoard your items, yet still not to cover every wall.

Jazz It Up

Transform your garage from a just-clean space into a dazzling one by applying bold paint job. By storing tools and toys handily in a place where they’re easy to grab and also easy to put away will create a sense that your garage’s able to maintain its well-kept condition.

Vertical Storage System

The example can be in form of an organizing and workshop system featuring cabinets with sliding metal storage bins, plus a slatwall storage system with room to stash sports equipment, tools and more.

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Multifunctional Storage

As an example can be seen from the back wall of the car barn functions as a storage lot for snowboards, which double as decorative art in the space, too.

Clever Mixtures

You can make an experiment like placing two trumpet chandeliers to create the illusion of livable space in the garage. Or else, setting up locker-style cabinetry, among other alternatives, offers storage space for tools, lawn equipment and sports gear.

Make Use the Ceiling

For instance accommodate your sea kayaks, beach cruisers and golfing equipment by taking the advantage of your garage’s slatted walls and ceiling hooks.

Floor-to-Ceiling Arrangement

Display racks, attached on board-and-batten siding for example, will absolutely transform surfboards into wall art, while also safely storing them. The vaulted space with catwalk-style shelf offers generous room to keep surfboards and small sailing vessels in the garage.

Reducing Dirt

For reducing dirt come into your house from the garage, perhaps you need to take into account of adding floor tiles. These tiles are usually available in wide range of colors and can be mixed and matched to make different patterns.

Speckless and No Clutter

Multiple drawers and cabinets store everything organized and at your fingertips, so there’s no need to go searching through boxes in the garage. The features will allow you to see clearly and access frequently used items, while other materials can be locked away.

Reuse and Repurpose

Employ any items from around the house to aid you organize your garage. For example, change the function of an old file cabinet into a storage bin for large yard tools, and attach casters to the bottom to make it mobile for busy outdoor days.


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