Dream Garage Plans – Holger Schubert’ Superb Studio-Garage Idea

Having your dream garage would absolutely a wish come true. Here, you’re able not only to store your vehicles but to proudly show your precious car collections as well. What is more, you can share this room as your living room, work space plus art gallery. Holger Schubert has enjoyed this kind of luxury by creating his fantastic $20M studio-garage idea.

A Dream Garage for Dream Cars

Holger Schubert’ studio garage can be described as a a dream garage for a car lover, or toys for boys. Located in Los Angeles, California, the owner himself is a hardcore fan of cars. He loves his dream cars that led them to design and build such a superb dream garage for all his car collections.

The garage itself is constructed on his 1,200 square-foot land property that granted him with the 2009 Maserati – Architectural Digest “Design Driven” contest award where he won the category of Existing Garage.

Holger Schubert has built a splendid living room that doubled as a parking garage for his prized Ferrari 512 BBi, the “Boxer.”


Holger Schubert’s garage was basically designed with two main purposes in mind. First, to create a pure and restrained minimalist environment that enables one to admire the car as a piece of art or as a focal point. And second, to create the supreme experience for the driver to arrive at home. The gallery-like studio-garage highlights the car during the day and dramatically projects its shapes onto both window walls at night, paying respect and appreciation to the art of automotive design.
As stated above, this garage is situated on the upper floor of a new addition to a 1953 ranch-style home on a downsloping hillside lot where it’s able to look across the western part of Los Angeles. This home living, and also the garage, gain access through a driveway bridge separate from the main entryway to the property’s motor court.

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The 1,200-square-foot space itself offers a selected spot for the car and a sizable wide-open sphere for a couch, a slide-away TV, a built-in book shelf in front of an ample storage room, along with a small kitchen, a bathroom and a library. Here, you can see a number of sustainable building products were in use, including the electric screens on the exterior of the large window walls to give assistance in controlling the climate, as well as 47 solar panels on the roof. Moreover, all walls are insulated with natural cotton fiber insulation.

The Man who Has Superb Taste

Holger Schubert is a man with superior taste. It’s proven not only by his amazing 512BBi Ferrari collection, but also by the gorgeous workspace/garage/art gallery he’s created to accommodate it. In this space, you will not find any bromidic framed photos of waterfalls with commonplace inspiring quotes on Schubert’s spotless glass walls. In fact, he doesn’t need them since the Boxer itself radiates and offers immeasurable motivation. By doing so, Schubert shares with us his thoughts on the space and the car.

He said that he designed his studio-garage space as a combination of a designated parking spot for his car with his office as a place where he generally spends 8–10 hours per day standing at his desk.

He also stated that, even after years of sharing this space with his car, he still takes frequent breaks to walk around this space and admire it from different angles, or taking photos and simply enjoying the steadfast change of natural light across its surfaces throughout the day. Meanwhile, he added, at night, the view is most dramatic. It’s when you can witness many in-floor and ceiling-recessed halogen lights shed light on the car’s perfect proportions and its super-sized blinkers, producing clones on the large floor-to-ceiling window walls.

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Not only being an ever-inspiring work fellow, the design of the structure is as much about the experience of taking the Boxer for a drive. Several in-floor lights illuminate the way along a twenty-foot driveway bridge leading to the street with two glass gates revealing Schubert’s space of “wor(k)ship”.

When parked, the car sits on a nine-foot-long steel ramp set flush into the heated concrete floors. Schubert uses a remote control to lift the front of his 512 just high enough to give gravity roll it outside before starting the engine.

A Site of Ferrari garage lists for $20M

This home-work living, and also the garage, get its access via a driveway bridge separate from the main entrance-way to the property’s motor court.

Actually, Tigertail Road caused a stir more than seven years ago when Schubert built a 10-foot bridge connecting his third-story living room to North Tigertail Road, with an objective to make it easier to drive his Ferrari into its devoted parking point.

At that time, his neighbors complained and city officials withdrew the permission for Schubert’s bridge, which he subsequently tore down. In the end, the entire house was demolished to make way for a new estate. Schubert sold the site in February for $11.7 million to an entity registered to Max McDermott of Core Equity Properties, property records show.

Now, the unfinished two-acre property is back on the market with an asking price of $19.9 million, making it the priciest home listing in L.A. last week. Andrew Moore of Realty Masters & Associates has the listing.

The compound has a 70 percent completed guest house and a main house that is roughly 20 percent complete, according to listing details. It also has fully approved plans with permits pulled. However, whether it can be completed remains to be seen. According to a note in the property’s listing details, a new hillside ordinance would prevent a property larger than 16,000 square feet from being built on the site.

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