Creative and Smart Do-It-Yourself Garage Storage Ideas

Having a prior thinking that cleaning and organizing your garage space is such a daunting task to do? The interesting fact is that garage rearrangement actually not so hard nor it is costly. The main purpose is essentially to clean the space where you can comparatively easier finding things you need. So, what about showing your creativity by carrying out do-it-yourself garage storage ideas?

Regardless how big or small your garage is, there are endless ideas you can grab to take every single advantage of that space and create a little extra storage without eating up the area devoted to your vehicles and other stuff.

These creatively brilliant ideas can be ranged from creating hangers for your garden tools up to splashing color to cheer up your dreary garage. More interestingly, you can apply some or all these storing ideas in surprisingly joyful and fun ways, plus usually in more affordable ones.

Make Use Your Garage’s Wall Space

For your information, you really in fact not need to expend a great sum of money on your garage organization and storage system. Save your money and make one or even more yourself! What is more, with this do-it-yourself storage wall ideas, you will make it precisely how you need it. In this case, simply add a few shelves that’s going to vastly answer your storage problems. With wall storage, you’re going to have much more floor space for bigger things.

Hanging System

To accompany your wall storage ideas, you can try to stash items by hanging them. By doing so, you will keep your garage in organized state and also have a place for everything. Hanging things eats up only a bit or even zero floor space. By setting up a few shelves and hanging systems will definitely offer you an area to keep plastic bins with various stuff in them as well as bigger items like bikes that will hang right on the wall to save space.

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Maximize Your Garage’s Small Spaces

Make use any petite space in your garage since even the smallest areas can be very helpful to maintain your garage organized. For instance, why don’t you put a metal cabinet or shelving system to a narrow space next to your garage door? The important point is to optimize as much space as you can to get belongings put away. Another idea can be having rolling cart that will sit perfectly under a workbench where you can keep things easily accessible when you need them and out of sight when you don’t.

Go for a Wall Organizer

An affordable wall organizer will be such an excellent option for stuffs like brooms, mops or garden supplies that you want to hang out of the way. Simply install them to the wall and slide those things in by their handles. This is unquestionably a brilliant idea to store your brooms and other cleaning tools off the floor and make them handy when it’s necessary.

Get a Garden Closet

Why don’t you make a little home for your littered garden tools, a garden closet perhaps?  It only takes a week for you to create that ideal place for keeping any garden item and make them totally out of your garage. The closet also offer more space for bigger garden tools, hanging plastic bins and other stuffs that you likely need to hoard.

Think of an Add-On

Are you desperately having no more space in your garage? Then, why not trying an add-on? It’s simply that you have to make sure that you are set where building codes are concerned and then you can add only a small area to provide you the additional storage that you require. As an example, it will only take a little time and also affordable to add a simple wooden foundation.

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Create More Space with a Pegboard

Decluttering and arranging items in your garage is undeniably going to immensely help you, more particularly when you only have little room to park your car. Here, you can hang a pegboard on the wall, which are very low in budget by the way, and provide more floor space. It’s easy as well, just screw in a few hooks to hang tools and garden supplies. Also, you can also hang baskets and small totes from hooks to retain smaller items put away. Or a complete pegboard system, some will include hooks and small bins.

Add a Peg Rail Organizer

A simple yet great way to keep your garage organized can be pursued by applying basic pegs to the wall or to boards to hang on the wall. In this case, pegs can be added in different levels so that you will get extra space to hang longer items while storing shorter or smaller tools closer to the floor. This peg rail organizer store everything off the floor and grants a much neater and tidier look. Moreover, pegs are relatively low-priced thus you can use as many as you need.

Tool Storage with Steel Pegboards

There is also what-so-called steel pegboard. They are highly functional and they make such a great appearance in your garage. These steel pegboards are perfect and also affordable options more especially when you demand for a handy solution for tool storage, while at the same time you prefer to stick with the steel look. It’s also easy to install where you only need to mount the pegboard to the wall and hang tools from steel hooks. As stated in earlier method, smaller bins and baskets can be added for nail and screw storage.

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Magnetic Strips

Magnetic strips can be extremely helpful particularly when you need to keep dozens of smaller tools and drill bits yet you don’t really have space for an extra-large toolbox. Just add these magnetic strips to the wall or just wherever you have room. This strip holds those drill bits absolutely organized and conveniently accessible thereby you can simply snatch one when you need it. They can be the ideal idea to make drill bits close at hand and out of the way, specifically when you own a tool bench.

Bright Wall Covering

You can truly clean up and organize your garage not only by having a wall storage, but also by simply adding something to the walls. Perhaps, you may paint it in more cheerful color choices. Or else, adding tile as your garage wall covering for example. Tile pieces are low in price and available at most hardware stores. You can apply the tile to the wall like you would to the floor, and get a wonderful space that looks much better than it did with concrete walls.

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