Clean and Organized Wall Shelves for Your Garage Storage System

By organizing your garage, you will not only keep things clean, but also safe by placing tools and equipment out of your way. Garage wall shelves can be one of myriad options for garage storage system that be very helpful in maintaining your garage clean, organized, and safe. Shelving units are increasingly gaining popularity due to the recent growth in garage renovations.

Applying these garage wall shelves of course does ask for whatsoever planning and thought on your part. This can be attributed that garage shelving can be found in numerous different styles, shapes, and price ranges. Picking the right one base don your requirement and preference are definitely going to help you keeping your garage space plus work area safe, organized, and clutter free.


What are you storing?

Take into account what it is you are going to put on your garage shelving unit or lumber before heading out to the hardware store to choose and purchase the one you desire most. You have to answer some questions like how much room are you going to employ and what type of material will you need?

What are your walls made of?

Most garage walls are constructed from basic wood framing. However some older, and underground, garages can be found either in concrete block or cement walls. Those will not have impact on the type of shelving you use, yet still they will make different mounting of your shelves.

How much weight are you placing on them?

Your garage is a space where you can stash tools and equipment hence your garage wall shelves should be able to manage some weight. You will need different shelving material, depending on the size, amount, and weight of the tools and equipment you are putting on them.

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How much does it cost?

This will deal with the question – what is your budget? Or, how much are you going to be able to spend on your garage wall shelves? The reason is that some materials are more costly than others. More particularly if you are doing an extensive remodel, the cost of the shelves could be an ample factor.


Tools, car accessories, tabletop woodworking equipment, paint cans, wood, sports equipment, children’s toys, and everything in between are some items you can store in your garage. They all indeed demand for different types of garage shelving for safe, organized storage. Each different style of shelving material provides its own particular merits as well as drawbacks.

Garage Shelving in Numerous Types
For retaining an organized and de-cluttered garage space, you can go for several types of garage shelving. Once again, this will highly depend on what items are you are going to store on them. Before running out to buy the materials you require, and the shelves themselves, it’s better to do prior thinking about what types of material you are going to use or store on your shelves.

Wooden Shelves

Wood shelves are a ideal choice for smaller, lightweight tools and equipment, but should be avoided for heavier items.
Wood shelves are largely less pricey and easier to work with compared to other types of shelving material. The most popular type of wood shelving can be found in some type of hardwood like oak or maple. However, many homeowners prefer to 3/4 inch plywood or chip board. It said that hardwoods can be costly, but it’s worthy extra expense due to its trade off in strength. As to softwoods, such as pine, are easily crooked under heavy loads and will damage after time.

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Metal Shelves

Metal shelves offer additional strength for stocking hefty tools, gallon paint cans, and car parts. As a consequence, garage shelving from metal are also a little bit high in price and unfortunately less workable than wood. Yet by and large, metal shelves make a perfect shelving material for heavy items and non-customizable circumstances.

Wire Shelves

when being compared to metal shelving, wire shelves are said as very durable, and rather affordable. But, they are not a highly ideal option for small items. Wire shelves usually come in a mesh pattern with holes, and spaces, between the small metal rods that make up the shelf itself. Wire shelves can be such a perfect solution for keeping items like paint cans, and parts bins.

Adjustable Rail Shelves

Adjustable shelves are attached onto a system of hangers that give the freedom to make them move, to set up them, and to place them based on the size of the items you are storing. They are generally made of metal, thus you can keep sizable, bulky items such as tabletop woodworking tools, car parts, and wood in a more convenient way.

Self Enclosed Storage Shelves

You know what, you don’t have to always expose your garage shelving. Self enclosed storage is most popularly mentioned as cabinets. They are available in wide range of sizes and are allowed to be hung from the wall or free standing. Also, self enclosed storage also can be found in pre-fabricated out of wood or metal, as well as be bespoke to satisfy any personal need or request. In the case that you store toxic items like fertilizers, oils, thinners, stains, and other type of flammable or poisonous liquids or substances then a self enclosed shelving unit is extremely advisable.

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With the help of few materials and a little expertise, you can build your own garage shelves in a few hours, during the weekend for example. Before carrying out this project you’re going to need some tools, such as:

  • pencil
  • tape Measure
  • 3ft. level
  • drill
  • mounting hardware (if not included)

#1 – Find the Location and Take Measurements

Prepare an area where you want to build your garage shelves and clean out this place, as well as take the measurements by using the tape measure. It’s better to design your shelving plan with your pencil, employing your level to maintain everything straight, thereby you know the precise placement of each shelf.

#2 – Shop for the Materials

Bring with you your measurements to the local hardware store or lumber yard and buy the materials you need. If you are using wood, most lumber yards will cut the wood to size. You may pick for hardwoods or 3/4 in. plywood for your shelves. If you prefer pre-fabricated wire shelving or metal, be sure about the dimensions.
Perhaps you will need other materials like mounting brackets and galvanized screws. If you are planning to mount your shelves to cement block, concrete block, or drywall then you will need a special mounting hardware.

#3 – Mount Brackets and Shelves

By looking at your pre-drawn plan for your shelves, you may start drilling pilot holes for the mounting hardware. Once those are fixed to your satisfaction, then put shelves on them. If you use wooden shelves, leave measure in at least 5 inches for the mounting bracket.

#4 – Store Your Items

Once you have built garage shelves now it’s time to put your items on and enjoy them.


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