Aluminum Garage doors – Some Facts Behind

Grey White Aluminum Garage Doors

Grey White Aluminum Garage Doors

Whether you wish for remodeling or even replacing your existing garage door, materials are definitely one of the most important factors you need to consider. You probably prefer to coordinate with the style of your house, but the material you employ can get confusing. Each of those materials has, of course, their own strengths as well as weaknesses. In this case, aluminum can be one of those options.

Your decision will primarily result from the sum of headroom in your garage, both around the ceiling for tracks and also in the entrance for a swing out or up. Selecting the design of your door can be fairly harder, though.

Garage Door Materials in General

By and large, garage doors are typically built from natural wood, steel, and composite or aluminum and glass. Still, you may select them based on several considerations, for example their level of durability, energy, efficiency, or even aesthetic appeal.

The employment of these garage door materials, when proper, can be chosen for up and over, sectional, roller and side hinged garage doors. Beside the garage door material, it is possible to apply glass set in frames, which can be fitted to let natural light to come in the garage space.

Aluminum, steel and other metal garage doors can be employed to construct two skins, in-between which, foam insulation of varying thicknesses is set to provide both sound and heat insulation.

Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum garage doors are incredibly famous option which can be produced to fit any sized opening. You can usually discover aluminum garage doors in coastal regions where there is a great deal of humidity and salt in the air. Aluminum itself is naturally tolerant to the corrosion caused by those materials. For homeowners in need of a low-priced, lightweight and simple garage door, aluminum offers an affordable and user-friendly solution.

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The Look

Aluminum garage door offers its smart look, in which is maintained through its life due to its feature of being resistant to corrosion. This appearance can be varied through the application of different sized slats, which are polyester powder coated to a color of your choice, to create either a smooth or timber effect finish.

Due to its extremely lightweight characteristic, aluminum is perfect for extra wide double garage doors. You can find that the newer models are more robust and heavier than former versions of aluminum doors, and the laminated panels tend to be resistant to dent.

Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum Garage Doors

The Cost

Aluminum garage doors can pose average minimum cost of $838. Meanwhile, the average maximum cost can be $1,359.

Aluminum is basically an inexpensive metal that is abundant in supply. Garage doors constructed from this material are promptly available through contractors as well as home improvement stores. The standard size of aluminum garage door is 9X7 feet in measurement.

Aluminum also comes with a steeper price tag if you select the doors with heavy-duty frames, but you can look for more affordable options that feature panels made of other materials. These will easily dent, however.

The Materials

Aluminum garage doors are typically manufactured with flat panels that consequently create a glazed finish. However, they are not painted or frequently embossed.

The aluminum panels of the door can differ in thickness. The thickness of the aluminum used as the basis to rank or grade the garage door. By and large, majority of garage doors are created from the H or T grades of aluminum. It will mean that the higher the grade, the more the garage door will cost.

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You’re going to find the grades of aluminum garage doors as follow:

  • F: This is solid aluminum as fabricated
  • H1: This aluminum is tempered with no heat treatment
  • H2: This aluminum is tempered and partially annealed
  • H3: This type of aluminum is hardened using low-temperature heating. It is fully annealed
  • O: This is soft but annealed aluminum
  • T1 through T10: These grades are heat treated, cold worked and aged for different amounts of time. The longer the aging, the higher the number.
  • W: This aluminum is heat-treated but not aged or cold worked

The Styles

Aluminum garage doors will offer various styles, such as:

  • Vertical Panels

These panels are flush and are characteristically left with a shiny finish.

  • Horizontal Panels

The most popular style of aluminum garage door. These panels of aluminum are affixed to a lightweight steel frame.

  • Opaque Glass

This type of aluminum garage door includes opaque glass windows that let light to filter through the garage door while keeping the privacy for the homeowner.

Aluminum Glass Garage Door

Aluminum Glass Garage Door

The Benefits  

Aluminum garage doors indeed present many advantages. Its low cost is one of the most popular ones. Even though low-priced in feature, yet they can last for a long time and aren’t vulnerable to the effects of rust or insect infestations.

When the door gets dirty, the homeowner simply has to wash it with soap and water. Their automated opening and closing is a smooth and quiet operation. If the automatic garage door opener breaks down or there is a power outage, an aluminum garage door is easy to lift up manually. Aluminum garage doors do not demand any day-to-day maintenance such as sealing or painting.

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Moreover, aluminum garage doors provide the homeowner with top quality security and better noise and heat insulation, compared to steel. These advantageous attributes are obtained especially though the manufacture of aluminum roller garage doors, which are constructed from twin walled aluminum with CFC free foam insulation sandwiched between the outer and inner skins.

Modern Aluminum Glass Garage Door

Modern Aluminum Glass Garage Door

The Drawbacks

While aluminum garage doors are a good option for different areas and for homes with a contemporary styling, still they pose some shortcomings. Firstly, it’s hard to paint aluminum garage doors, and only limited number of finishes and colors are available.

Due to its soft metal properties, aluminum garage doors tend to easily dented or scratched. Since aluminum garage doors are relatively uncommon, finding replacement parts may be difficult.

Compared to steel, wood, and insulated fiberglass garage doors, aluminum is less energy-efficient. When exposed to corrosive acids, aluminum can oxidize and create white stains and pits. Water also leaves spots on the surface of aluminum.

Lastly, aluminum is probably not a good option for home livings that are designed with a classic styling such as colonial or brick homes because the material may look out of place. The look of aluminum cannot be altered. As a consequent, if a panel is damaged, you may need to replace the entire door.

Sectional Aluminum Garage Doors

Sectional Aluminum Garage Doors

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