4 Steps to Garage Storage and Organization

Many homeowners indeed have shared their stories about their lack of garage storage and organization, hence they need big help. When we’re talking about garage and also storage, it will mean that everything demands a place or else there’s going to be garage chaos. In this case setting up a garage system of organization is definitely the major key. There are 4 most significant steps to storage that will aid you to ultimately get your garage in order, namely shelving, drawers, labeling, and containers.


The first challenge that you have to deal with is figuring out where you are going to store everything? Do you have a designated shelf? Or, do you want to try to keep everything up on your walls, off of your walls, off of the floor? Organizing your garage does not merely help you keeping things clean, but also safe by storing tools and equipment out of your way.

You can find different types of garage shelving in order to maintain your garage organized and de-cluttered. This will depend on what it is you are going to store on them. Therefore, before heading out to shop for the materials you require, and the shelves themselves, set aside time to consider what kinds of material you are going to place on your shelves.
Garage shelving are available in numerous styles. To name some of those different types are wooden shelves, metal shelves, wire shelves, adjustable rail shelves, and self enclosed storage shelves.

Some stuff you can stash in your garage are tools, car accessories, tabletop woodworking equipment, paint cans, wood, sports equipment, children’s toys, and everything in between. They all demand for different types of garage shelving for secured, ordered storage. Each different style of shelving material offers its own special advantages as well as shortcomings.

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For example, you may choose based on the longevity of your organization, hence you may go for super strong, high quality and worth every single penny of shelving products. Be sure to measure while selecting your shelving. Also, you probably need to choose custom built garage shelves to fit your garage and and your storage requirements.


Perhaps, your next problem to address is where are you going to place your most frequently used items? Those things can be in form of batteries, flash lights, trash bags, or outdoor play toys which you need to be easily accessible. The highly ideal answer for this challenge is to apply drawers.

As an example, you may opt pf drawer slides. These sorts of drawers are able to enhance functionality of cabinets in your garage space. You may usually this kind of drawers in the kitchen cabinets as well as in other areas that have plenty of storage while at the same time allowing them substantially easier to use. In this case, some drawer slides offer a well-known feature namely the ability to enable the drawer to slide closed quietly and with only very little attempt.


The third situation you may likely to dace is the question of how are you going to know what’s in each container or drawer? One simple solution is label each one.

Indeed, one of challenges for having a lot of stuffs is finding what you need, when you need it. You will not only waste your time by constantly looking for something, but it also can drive you bonkers. Labeling absolutely offer you a great help.

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The following are some instances of smart and creative labeling ideas and tips you may apply at home. You employ what-so-called label holders, for example Elfa Label Holders. You’ll find that these holders slide right down onto the drawer thus they’re going to work well with any drawer system, provided it’s thin. You may also make and print tags on brown kraft card stock paper, for example. Or else, for bigger containers, you may apply as well a label maker, blank stickers or even an index card taped to the box.

Some of drawer labeling categories can be Table Cloths, Hardware (drawer knobs, hooks, etc), Extension Cords, Trash Bags, Outdoor Fun (Chalk, Bubbles, jump ropes, etc), Drop Cloths, Paint, Spray Paint, Paint Supplies, Bike Accessories, Auto, Outdoor (faucet covers, hose sprayers, etc), Gardening, Light Bulbs, Straps (& Bungee Cords), Caulking & Adhesive, and so on.


In the end,  the last inquiry you have to solve is – where are you going to keep the rest of your things? You know that the large, out of season, and holiday items demand for a place.


You indeed need more additional storage space. This can be a car, general garage storage, a boat, a convertible you merely get to use part of the year, snowmobiles, jet skis, bikes, tools, etc. And the challenge is that your garage is not cutting it anymore either at home or at the cabin. In other words, you require a container garage.

In fact, containers are great storage systems for your garage. They are able to accommodate a bulk amount of items. They are reasonably price, easy to install, easy to maintain and easy to use as well.

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Do not let costly budget prevent you from getting your life in order, particularly in organizing your garage space. Pursuing an organized life is indeed for all budgets. For example, if you happen aren’t able to afford high-priced storing and organizing products, you may look for many other affordable systems to pick, of course for all budgets. Still, do not have any money to spend? You can turn to cardboard boxes and cover them with contact paper. After that put labels on them by using index cards. Or else, you can repurpose an old dresser that you’re no longer using and paint it to gran it new look and life. And then stick on a label each drawer.

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