10 Captivating Wooden Contemporary Residential Garage Plans

Prefer something simple yet elegance to your home exterior? Sometimes the the most beautiful things in life come in simplicity. Contemporary residential garage doors in flush wooden material can be one of those fantastic choices.

This contemporary design style has many other names like modern, mid century, and even classic modern, which are specially similar in many ways. For garage doors, they are particularly designed and manufactured to meet this design criteria. These kinds of garage door styles are typically fine-lined, refined and minimalistic.

Contemporary garage doors are just proof that simplicity can be elegant, sophisticated and architecturally attractive. Dynamic garage doors employ uniquely different materials to pursue modern garage door styles ranged from glass, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, solid woods and composite woods alike.

Here, you’re going to find captivating custom wood garage doors designed to compliment any contemporary, modern or modern hill country home livings. These bespoken doors utilize strong lines to put particular accent to the existing protective covering as well as the high degree of detail discovered throughout the homes they serve.

#1 – Garage Door with the light wood vertical slats

Garage Door With The Light Wood Vertical Slats

Named as 430 House,  D’Arcy Jones Architecture have lately finished the contemporary renovation of a 1980’s ‘Vancouver Special‘ house on a 33 foot wide lot. The interior layout was flipped, taking the kitchen, dining and livingroom areas from upper floor to the main floor. As to exterior, the designer built a new parallel-parking open carport off the lane. The reason is to preserve more of the backyard for creating new landscaped garden and terrace. The garage itself was designed in light wood vertical slats which offer a modern statement as well as a unique door.

#2 – Three wood garage doors

Three Wood Garage Doors

These three wood garage doors are absolutely going to pull your focus due to their contrasting feature with the white surrounds them. You can find this garage design in Glenbrook Residence in Bethesda, Maryland, which was designed by David Jameson Architect. This house basically a two tone structures surround a glass pavilion within a wooden landscape.

The architect himself stated that the concept of the Glenbrook residence was to create three distinct structures, namely one for the most public areas like entry space, garage, and guest bedrooms. The second one is for the most private living purposes, and the last one is the lot where “public” and private can co-exist.

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The building itself is constructed from all natural long lasting materials and featured with an underground spring-fed water furnace HVAC system. The wooden material also can be found in its three garage door design ideas.

#3 – Garage Door covered in reclaimed wood panels

Garage Door Covered In Reclaimed Wood Panels

Designed by Rick Shean & Christopher Simmonds of Christopher Simmonds Architect, this Gatineau Hills Modern home features a warm wood ceiling and floor to ceiling windows. And the garage door is covered in enchanting reclaimed wood panels that will blend perfectly with the exterior of the garage, as well as the second level of the house.

#4 – A sliding wood garage door

A Sliding Wood Garage Door

Brazilian architect Guilherme Torres designed the AS House in Cornélio Procópio , Brazil.

An expressive architecture in terms of volume that makes use the benefit of the existing topography, structurally and economically wise. Through a pragmatic, but also poetic perspective, the young Brazilian architect shows how an elegant house can be neat and rational at the same time.

Taking the advantage of the sloping site, this 600m² house was embedded, like an uncovered box, inside 7, 5 meters high walls, which is perfect to maintain the family’s privacy and security from the hectic streets of this little city in south Brazil. That steep site granted two stories to the house, both situated around the patio and pool. By the street level, the intimate area, comprised 4 suites and an office that can be discreetly accessed. The basement level was designed to create social and services areas, inside a large rectangular volume, concealing the lot from end to end and facing the patio in its integrality. To gain natural light in the basement area, skylights were strategically arranged all over the roof, meeting the demands for artificial light during the day.

The garage itself was designed as a sliding wood garage door which is built from the same wood employed on the exterior. This aids the door to blend in.

#5 – Garage door in thin horizontal wood panels

Garage Door In Thin Horizontal Wood Panels

Choi Ropiha Fighera have designed the Narrabeen House in Sydney, Australia. In more details, this house is located on the edge of Narrabeen Lagoon and is lucky to have outlook across water to an untouched island densely inhabited by casuarinas.

From the street, the house’s composition is built around the entrance, driveway and garage like any typical suburban house. However the impact of these domestic elements is distributed by mixing them into a singular architectural expression and form. The wide facade combined with the floating skirt detail provide the house a horizontal proportion and even though the dark timber cladding renders the building a ‘stealth’ like look, it still keeps the drama of the lagoon beyond.

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As to garage design, you can see it in thin horizontal wood panels covering the garage and the rest of the front of the house, creating seamless integration into the exterior.

#6 – Dark wood paneled garage door

Dark Wood Paneled Garage Door

Gavin Maddock Design Studio have constructed a pristine contemporary home located in Yzerfontein, 90kms north of Cape Town, South Africa. They name it Pearl Bay Residence. This home living is beautifully bordered by a nature reserve adjoining the ocean. The architect indeed took the full advantage of the ocean vies and responding to the coastal dune context.

The architecture and interiors enjoy diverse aesthetic interests and were inspired by the west coast landscape which is quite textural and typified by simple white houses and cottages, reminiscent of the Mediterranean. Cavity brick construction was employed throughout with all walls plastered and painted white. The building had to be grounded –  not float – hence it needed to be vertical, not horizontal.

The garage design is in dark wood paneled that is in stark contrast to the all white exterior and the light sand surrounding it.

#7 – Wood garage door with five horizontal windows

Wood Garage Door With Five Horizontal Windows

The five horizontal windows of this garage door offer a unique look while the lights above it provide the front of the home additional security.

This garage door design can be discovered in a Rejuvenated Circa 1980 Modernist House Garage Design Idea by Mark Brand Architecture.

Previously designed in deteriorating vertical wood siding, the architect opened up the floor plan and entirely demolished the sunroom, replacing it with a new dining room open to the remodeled living room and kitchen. They also a new office and deck above the new dining room and replaced all of the exterior windows, mostly with oversized sliding aluminum doors by Fleetwood to open the house up to the wooded hillside setting. Stainless steel railings protect the inhabitants where the sliding doors open more than 50 feet above the ground below. The wood siding was repacled with stucco in varying tones of gray, white and black, creating new exterior lines, massing and proportions.

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#8 – Light wood Garage door on bricks

Light Wood Garage Door On Bricks

You can see the beautiful blend between light wood garage door on bricks around it as well as with the front door, producing such a cohesive front exterior.

The Cliff House was designed by Michael Hsu Office of Architecture in beautifully muted material palette of light-colored burnished CMU, white plaster stucco, and white-washed Douglas Fir combine to create an elegant residence sitting atop a west facing cliff in a cove on Lake Austin. This Home living for an artist are combining a master suite, guest suite, home-office, living spaces and a 1-car garage. The west facing patios and subsequent floor to ceiling glazing are protected from the harsh western Texas sun via folding metal grates that pocket into the exterior walls. A suspended steel stair and custom skylight at the entry convey lightness from the exterior in.

#9 – Luminous House Contemporary Wooden Garage

Luminous House Contemporary Wooden Garage

This luminous contemporary house with stunning views and contemporary wooden garage is part of 60s Modern Renovation, which was a remodeling project completed by Jamison Architects.

This residence is located in Golden Coast, Queensland, Australia. It was the upper duplex of an original early 80’s duplex building, practically pinned to the side of the steep hill, the site drops away from beneath it. In essence the brief was to open up the living spaces to the incredible view that had been restricted by a low roof and small windows and add a second storey with master suite and outside entertainment area so that their fantastic location could be competently enjoyed.

#10 – Wooden Paneled Garage Doors

Wooden Paneled Garage Doors

Made from the same panels as the rest of the bottom level, these wooden paneled garage doors are concealed from view.

Lucerne House is actually the housing for a classic car collection which was designed by Daniel Marshall Architects. Located on the antiquated’s edge pit that grasps Orakei Basin with extravagant perspectives to inward Waitamata harbor and Auckland city.

Daniel’s outline reaction was to wrap the garaging around a focal “pergatoria” – a term begat by the italian engineer Terragni for a passage yard. The carport entryways nitty gritty to vanish into the connecting cedar outside.

Large Wooden Paneled Garage Doors

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