Steel Garage Doors – Pros and Cons

Steel Garage Door Ranch White Stockbridge

Steel Garage Door Ranch White Stockbridge

There was a time when all garage doors were found in natural wood material. Indeed, timber garage doors – or “wood look” garage doors – offer their own attractiveness. However, in more recent days, you may move beyond wood and grasp a great deal of other new materials, metal garage doors. And steel can be one of them which probably has trespass on wood’s grandness as the go-to material for residential and also commercial garage doors.

A Slew of Benefits

Regarding to garage door materials, fiberglass, aluminum, various composites and even plastic are now in the concoction. As it turns out, steel gives a number of advantages over wood and the other materials listed above, making it the ideal material to build your garage doors. The following are their long-listed benefits:


When talking about long-lived durability, nothing comes close to steel. While with wood you’d be fighting an eternal struggle against decay, with steel your doors are ready and prepared to withstand the worst of weather and climate conditions. It will come out the other side unhurt year after year.

It means that you will no longer find warping or rot along the base. You won’t need to do painting and repainting to keep the elements at bay. Also, no need to replace cracked panels every year.

Energy Efficient

When insulated with polyurethane or polystyrene, your steel garage doors serve a significant function in keeping the cold out and the heat in. This is especially essential if your garage is situated under other occupied rooms in the house. For instance, with wooden doors your garage can basically compared to a walk-in freezer during winter days. In this case, you will to look at doubling or even tripling the sum of energy you require to retain that room as warm as the rest of the house. Meanwhile, with insulated steel doors you’re able to put an end to the freezer phenomenon and begin enjoying the savings effect.

Insulated Steel Garage Door

Insulated Steel Garage Door


Provided with all of their merits, steel doors are still less costly compared to the wooden counterparts. In some cases they’re significantly less pricey. For example, a custom-made wooden door can charge you 2 or 3 times of cost as much as a bespoken steel door. And even with that additional expenditure the wooden door will never match the energy savings the insulated steel door will offer, and which is able to cover the cost of its installation in just a couple of years.

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Today’s steel doors can be made-to-order to fulfill your preference of window style options and different types of glass to build a garage door that will interlock coherently with any style of home living exterior. Moreover, some manufacturers even offer your new steel doors the look and feel of deluxe natural wood with no maintenance headaches that usually come with that material.

Safe and Secure

Many cases of home break-in start with intruders exploiting weak spots in wooden doors. But, with steel garage doors, now they won’t grant with even to the slightest chance. Not only that, if by some unfortunate turn of events when your house should catch fire, your steel doors aren’t contributing making things worse and can even supply you with a fire-free exit if necessary.


Today’s steel garage doors are indeed available with all the color, texture, window style and glass options. Those assure particular look which will serve your needs and personal tastes. Steel doors will unquestionably complement beauty and balance to any home living exterior while providing secure, energy-efficient practicality at the same time.

Contemporary Steel Garage Doors

Contemporary Steel Garage Doors

Increased Worth

Above beauty will also offer an enhanced curb appeal or added value to the rest of your home living property. Home developers and real estate agents hold agreement that new insulated steel garage doors are substantially able to heighten your possibility or power to put your house in the market a seasonable fashion and also for a better price compared to an aged, non-insulated wooden doors.

Environmentally Responsible

Steel material will mean that no more old growth forests or tapering stands of hardwood have to be cut down to produce create your garage doors. In fact, in the construction of our doors, we use about 80-100% recycled steel. Also, in the case at some future date you need to decide to renew your garage doors, the steel can be entirely recycled; meanwhile, you may simply pass on the panels of your old wooden doors to the landfill.

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Long-Run Contentment

When dealing with wooden doors, they will always covey the flair of being constructed from a wholly natural material. However, that elegance can wear off somewhat fast when your garage is freezing in the winter times, when it’s harder to heat your home. Also, perhaps you’re on your 3rd repainting or the freeze/thaw cycle has decreased many of your fine-looking wooden panels to splinters.

However, it’s frequently only after a few years that owners of new steel doors eventually come to sincerely acknowledge the low-maintenance value and energy savings they provide.

Roolup Steel Garage Door

Roolup Steel Garage Door

Some of Their Pros and Cons

If you’re still looking for a new garage door, steel garage doors are indeed a top choice for a variety of reasons. Not only available in bulk options to meet your needs, they also can be custom-made to satisfy any personal preference.

Some Pros in a Glance

As stated above, steel garage doors only require little to even no maintenance. Making them a consistently popular choice among today’s busy homeowners. Moreover, you can customize steel garage doors with abundantly different panel styles, window designs, paint colors, and more to complement and compliment your home’s look. Also, steel garage doors are considered offering the most economical garage door options in the market.

Some Cons in Brief

Similar to other garage door materials, steel garage doors can present significant variety in terms of price and quality. As an example, you may discover a lower-priced model that may be constructed from lower quality steel or featured with less insulation. Both of these problems can consequently create such a less energy-efficient garage door. Therefore, it is crucial that consumers take into account both price and quality to obtain the best overall value when deciding and selecting a new garage door model.

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