Side Hinged Garage Doors

Side Hinged Garage Doors

Side Hinged Garage Doors

Do you wish for something versatile and also practical to your home garage door? What-so-called side hinged doors undoubtedly offer you wonderfully fantastic solution to existing common door types, to many problems, and also provide opportunities cannot afford by other types of garage doors.

In short, this kind of door has its simple operation, easy maintenance, as well as timeless designs available in broad range of materials and finishes. Those features are definitely going to give you years of worry-free services.

The Look

Despite of their most traditional looking, side hinged garage doors can be constructed from wide range of materials in different colours and finishes. They also commonly have one of two configurations. The first configuration will open half and half, whereas the second configuration opens one third and two thirds.

Side hinged garage doors usually open outwards, means no space is demanded inside the garage to operate, thereby leaving the whole garage free for storage. Due to increasingly advances in materials, now you may choose from various insulated side hinged doors offered in standard or made to order to measure sizes.

Moreover, today’s manufacturers produce side hinged doors which are already pre-installed with a sturdy steel or aluminum box section sub frame for faster and more accurate installation. The furniture and locking is also pre-installed on these doors so installation can be a DIY operation if you wish.

Classic Side Hinged Garage Doors

Classic Side Hinged Garage Doors

 The Benefits

To name some advantages in a glance for this side hinged door are partial opening, classic and stylish, remote opening, and made to order.

Side hinged garage doors are particularly designed for busy people who require frequent easy access to their garage space. Their design, garage side doors, means that there is no need to open the entire of the door.

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As stated earlier, due to outwards opening, this will avoid some garage obstruction problems, such as those caused by low head room, shelves or gas and electric meter placement. Also, these garage doors offer a high level of security and can be insulated to keep the inside space warm.

Materials and Styles

You can choose side hinged doors which are made from steel, timber, and what-so-called GRP. Some manufacturers also offer adapted bi-fold aluminum systems.

When you choose timber as the material, you can uniquely design your doors to match existing structural designs, or to create a dramatic statement. There is a wide range of timber options like Cedarwood, Idigbo, Accoya, Oak and more. Each of them absolutely will provide either a modern or traditional feel, depending on your choice.

As to side hinged doors in steel material, you’re going to find a variety of modern and stylish designs available, as well as various front surface effects and glazing options for double-skinned doors.

There is also what-so-called purpose made doors can be built around 10 feet x 8 feet, with anything over those dimensions will demand for heavier duty hinges to support the extra weight.

Modern Side Hinged Garage Doors

Modern Side Hinged Garage Doors


It’s better to choose for the highest quality timber for your doors, for lower grade timbers can considerably lessen the longevity and stability of your doors, particularly regarding to many unexpected, varied weather conditions.

If you want long-lasting reliability, you can pick Cedarwood or Idigbo, or an enigineered Oak. They are fabulously strong, and once treated are suitable to resisting the variable weather conditions.

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Side Hinged garage doors offer the 50/50 split, or with a 1/3 to 2/3 opening ratio. The last mentioned choice is a perfect solution for garages that need frequent pedestrian access; highly ideal for cyclists or accessing storage.


Steel side hinged doors are generally manufactured in standard sizes, while timber doors are commonly purpose made. The later can mean that the door is manufactured to meet your exact specifications as a result. For example, if the opening is built of uncut stonework, a scribed timber sub frame will neatly suited with the existing construction.

Side hinged doors also offer a marvelous solution to garages with constricted headroom dimensions, for the doors open horizontally. These doors are also ideal for garages that are fitted with internal shelving, or feature constructions like pipework and gas meters. Since the doors do not demand for tracks or panels that pop out into the garage, thus they only require low maintenance. The lack of lifting gears means there is significantly less moving parts compared to other garage door types. Also, no springs, cables or gears to maintain and replace at all.

You can optimize the drive-through dimensions in both width and height, with the assumption that the door can open beyond 90°. Also, you may fit them externally, by employing some flashing and covers to avoid water ingress. If this a special concern, fitting externally will provide the greatest drive-through dimensions.

Wood Side Hinged Garage Doors

Wood Side Hinged Garage Doors

Electric Operation

Side hinged garage doors are available in both manual opening and fully automatic versions. They can be easily automated. Most boom-style electric operators will work, when you combine them with a swing-arm conversion kit. For instance, the installation enables the first door leaf to reach the home (closed) position just before the second leaf, for this closes the doors with an added degree of security. You must add a manual release if side hinged door is the only means of entry and exit to your garage.

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Due to windy conditions, you need to take into account a powerful operator, because side hinged doors are easily affected. You may consider some newer generations of electric operators which are constantly monitoring the door in different stages, factoring in safety features continually.

Another choice for automation is hydraulic or mechanical gate operator technology, especially if the garage has adequate headroom dimensions. You may find them either in piston-style rams or articulated arms, as well as top-mounted arms similar to those you might see in retail shops. These units are extremely time-tested, appropriate to steady usage, while at the same time offer you with quiet and smooth operation for years to come.

Important Notes

Due to its conventional outwards opening, you must check that the drive does not slope upwards and obstruct this. Alternately, you may choose for inward opening doors, although this is significantly rarer.

When your garage is in front of a public area or pathway, you may need to check with your local authority that you can apply outward opening doors.

A wide array of double-skinned insulated side hinged doors offer some benefits of great security qualities from the panel design and locking systems. Insulation works to keep the temperature regulated in your garage.

The Suitability

You can use hinged garage doors in nearly any situation, yet they are especially suited for people who do not park their car inside the garage or have had part of the garage converted into a room.

White Slick Side Hinged Garage Doors

White Slick Side Hinged Garage Doors

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