Sectional Garage Doors

Modern Style Garage Doors

Modern Style Garage Doors

Are you looking for security or practicality? Or, it’s more about the look? Whether you are pursuing a new garage from the scratch or remodeling the present one, sectional garage doors unquestionably offer you and your home living those kinds of needs.

The sectional door is indeed highly flawless for the modern, traditional or even period style home. They are gaining increasingly vast popularity with practical choices for style, safety, security and user-friendliness, as well as versatile garage door system.


They are named sectional doors due to their opening and closing process which is taken place in separated individual door panel sections. They’re operating vertically, without any swing out from the door opening and tracking mechanism at all (The Garage Door Centre). And due to that vertical operation, you can install nearly any shape of garage opening, such as arched, angled corners, etc.

Moreover, sectional doors are commonly built from three to eight panels, in form of sliding up and overhead. They inhabit precisely the same magnitude of interior garage space as a monolithic door. As to side sliding sectional door, there are some beneficial uses you can obtain like plenty space under the garage ceiling, fast access to the garage, and also the presence of entire ceiling of the garage to be employed.

Modern Sectional garage doors

Modern Sectional garage doors


Two beneficial gains you can get from sectional doors compared to single panel monolithic doors are:

  • Sectional doors do not demand any space outside the garage to open. You’re able to park your vehicle very close to the garage prior to opening the door.
  • Each panel of a sectional door has its own link to the door track, means increasing its reliability and robustness. Monolithic doors only offer a few track connections for the whole panel.
  • Furthermore, you will not only enjoy the vertical opening feature, yet there are more advantages waiting for you.
  • The effective weather sealing on all sides, which can be attributed to their construction and operation method.
  • Style options with a range of finishes and colors available to meet your primary needs and personal requirements. Custom-made can be carried out with the availability of windows, handles, designer elements and lighting options, an other factors that will afford you an individual door that fits your specifications.
  • Sectional doors can be factory-made for domestic installation up to 8000mm wide by 3000mm high, and even bigger for commercial applications.
  • The construction of a sectional door eases operation that puts only little stress on the components of the door, and as a result these doors are found with a long lifespan compared to other door styles.
  • A sectional door is a technically secure and ideal garage door.
Wooden Sectional Garage Doors

Wooden Sectional Garage Doors


Insulated – Double Skin

Insulated sectional doors are basically created to offer implausibly low U value ratings (the scale for measuring heat insulation), and can consequently cut down heating costs to adjoining rooms, especially in the winter times. Also, they supply a good constant temperature due to this insulation, highly ideal for car collectors or garages with precious storage that otherwise may undergo damp conditions.

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In details, the insulated sectional doors are built from a 20-45mm thick insulated double-skinned steel panel, factory-made to the highest specification in order to guarantee you gain the most from your garage space.

The security features make your home completely protected with weather seals on all four sides, to render all-weather protection from wind and rain, and assure that your home is energy efficient, thence saving you money.

Non-Insulated – Single Skin

As implies by the name, a single skin roller door is essentially one sheet of steel roll formed with a corrugated profile to provide it strength. Attached to a spindle and drum wheel, the curtain just coils around it as it is functioned.

Purpose Made

This kind of sectional garage doors are perfect for any type of garage that requires maximum access, particularly if you are installing a new opening for example. When replacing an existing up and over door, this purpose made door will offer the advantage of having a bigger door with a broader drive-through space, enabling enhanced clearance for larger vehicles.

Contemporary Garage Door with Frosted Glass

Contemporary Garage Door with Frosted Glass

Styles and Materials

Having sectional door means that your garage door is segmented into panels for uncomplicated rolling. They are indeed divided into four or more panels that roll up to be parallel with the garage ceiling. They are safe, easy to open, and don’t ask for clearance space in front of the door. And, they come in various styles as well as materials.

Vintage Styles

For home livings with traditional designs, carriage-house style garage doors are the most common applied. They are roll-up sectionals featured with the hinges, handles and motifs of classic carriage-house doors that swing open on hinges. You will likely still find the lines between the sections, but some manufacturers design the top panel to be bigger and more authentic-looking.

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Other vintage styles shows curves and design flourishes that imitate old barn doors or arched entryways for Spanish courtyards.

Steel Doors

Steel is plausibly one of the most secure, durable and sound garage door materials. Many manufacturers stamp steel with patterns and coatings which imitate the wood and match most vintage styles. Steel is easier to maintain particularly compared to wood. Steel does not crack, warp or chip. What-so-called galvanized steel also won’t rust, though colors may fade. Steel doors can be somewhat more costly than basic wood doors, however the energy savings and extended lifespan bestow them a better value in the long run.

Wood Doors

Despite the benefits of steel, many homeowners still loyally prefer a more classic wood look. Wood doors are typically either composed of plywood over solid wood framing, or solid wood panels. High-quality solid wood may be the most pricey garage door material, even though it may not last as long as steel doors.

Other Materials

To name some are affordable fiberglass and aluminum doors. Similar to steel, you may also coat aluminum faux wood finishes. As a result, it won’t rust, crack or chip. Even so, aluminum tend to dent more easily than steel.

Fiberglass doors offer a more contemporary look and are resistant to corrosion. They also can be translucent, so they allow light without being transparent. Nevertheless, they may crack and become faded over time, and they afford poor insulation.

Other materials can be polycarbon, glass and others which likely are sturdier and more fade-resistant, nonetheless more high-priced than fiberglass.

Vintage Style Sectional Garage Door

Vintage Style Sectional Garage Door


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