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Minimalist Open Design With Green Grass Architecture Cantilever Garden Basement Garage

Minimalist Open Design With Green Grass Architecture Cantilever Garden Basement Garage

Having such an unoccupied, free lower level to your property, compared to the main house area? Why don’t you transform it into something multi-purpose which meet your need, like an attached garage for example?

This idea of garage plans – drive under house plans – is definitely able to even boast any exterior style from country to contemporary. Moreover, in part of today’s modern architectural standards, it will tailor your garage with aesthetically pleasing design features which no longer detract from your home’s exterior curb appeal.

What are Drive Under House Plans?

In general, as part of garage plans, drive under home plans are also widely called as “garage under” plans. There are indeed plenty definitions or descriptions available in the market.

Drive under house plans are designed for garage placement situated under the first floor plan of the home (dfdhouseplans)

Drive Under floor plans are designs that feature elevated living spaces, enabling for vehicle access below. These house plans may be raised for site conditions that may demand such design solutions due to flood or tidal considerations.

Simply put, the house has its main living areas at a higher level than the floor of the garage. These home plans are well suited for sloping lots or scenic lots. On a serious note, you may choose one of these designs if flooding possibly taken place from time to time (HousePlans).

As the name implies, a “Drive Under” house plan offers the garage in the basement of the house. Many plans can be designed with this feature. For example, if a house has an attached garage on the main level, a basement can be converted to provide the extra space for additional vehicles.

With the garage space at a lower level than the main living areas, drive-under houses help to facilitate building on steep, tricky lots, without having to take expensive costs and measures to flatten the land (The House Designers).

Mountain Drive Under Home Garage

Mountain Drive Under Home Garage

Where can you find them?

Typically, this sort of garage placement is obligatory and a good solution for homes located on difficult or steep property lots and are commonly associated with vacation homes whether settled in the mountains, along coastal areas or other waterfront destinations.

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Once again, it is a good solution for a lot with an peculiar or difficult slope. Some examples may include steep uphill slopes, steep side-to-side slopes and wetland lots where as a consequence you must elevate living areas. As to some vacation homes, they have the garage underneath in order to allow the main and upper floor plans to be raised up for obtaining better views of, for instance, nearby lakes or mountains .

As House Plan Resource puts it, drive under house plans are mainly used to suit sloping terrain where it is quite challenging to fit a traditional garage on the property. In other words, these particular plans are ordinarily applied to Coastal Homes or Beach front property.

custom modular two story home with drive under garage

custom modular two story home with drive under garage

What are Their Benefits ?

Uneven land can take place anywhere, but it won’t or shouldn’t prevent you from building a beautiful house or vacation homes in the style and kind of floor plan you wish for. It is also applied to your home garage ideas.

As previously stated, drive under house garage plans are highly perfect for uphill and side-to-side sloping lots, and also some low-lying properties where you’ll decidedly want the living spaces elevated. Drive-under plans are especially fit to mountainous and beachside locations where you’re absolutely going to discover various stunning examples of homes with just the right looks and construction for such places.

However, you can find them greatly blend right into standard suburban neighborhoods as well.

Indeed, you may get a nice advantage by using drive under garages regardless the design or necessity. One of the benefits is the extra bonus of raising the main and subsequent vertical floors to a height compassionate with amazingly excellent views offered of neighboring mountains, lakes or other waterfront property.

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In addition, every home style can gain good and equal benefit by owning a drive under house plan. One of the reasons is that you will have unlimited exterior façade possibilities disregard any challenging property lot or grading requirements presented. Frequently, along with a drive under garage, an unfinished basement foundation is the perfect solution for adding extra living space with a difficult lot and affords a two-fold solution to a sloping and/or demanding property lot.

Drive Under Garage House Plans

Drive Under Garage House Plans

What are their Drawbacks ?

Drive under house plans are not only used for challenging or sloping land property. However, as the price of land edges up, there is also increasing popular practice of tucking a garage under the second floor. Of course, you’re going to see pros and cons for this plan. And there will be a question: is it good practice?

Related to garage under idea, the bedroom above the garage has gained the nickname of “The Bonus Room” for it most likely to be the most troublesome room in the house with the most comfort complaints from home owners.

Furthermore, tucking double car garage into the face of the house is widely common practice, making it the most prominent feature on the face. However, it is considered as a design flaw from an energy efficiency standpoint.

Extreme Heat loss

The Bonus Room doesn’t perform like the other rooms in the house. At best most rooms in a house have 2-3 walls that are exposed, perhaps a ceiling. So at worst any given room in a house might have 4 exposed surfaces losing heat to the outdoors. Compare that to the Bonus Room which has an exposed floor and usually an additional wall and that brings the total number of exposed surfaces to 4 possibly 5 sides of the Bonus Room.

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Taxed Delivery system

Adding insult to injury, the bonus room is taxes in so many other ways. Because of it’s greater exterior surface area, there are more drafts and sometimes the room is filled with a bank of not so great windows that face North. Making matters worse, the Bonus Room is usually furthest away from the furnace, which means the system delivering heat is challenged by distance (more friction due to bends & length), pressure loss through all the leaky joints and heat loss as the meandering path the ducts take through cold parts of the house. Essentially much of the volume and temperature pumped out by the furnace oozes out into the Bonus Room as a limpid and tepid.

Spray Foam

The Bonus Room with its bottom filled with half pound open-cell spray foam. When examining and testing a home’s insulation systems, there’s no silver bullet – including spray foam. Builders feel they can improve the design flaw by burying the duct-work with ½ pound, open cell spray foam. The problem is, we often still find air leaks in the floor cavity.

These air leaks in the floor cavity may be due to the fact that homes are all too commonly assembled with very wet wood. Spray foam doesn’t stick to wet cold substrates well and when the wood dries it shrinks across the grain often contaminating at the interface between foam and wood. There are also problems with spraying duct-work as the metal is often covered with a fine oil to repel rust, but just like a frying pan, oil prevents spray foam adhesion.

Minimalist House with Drive Under House Garage

Minimalist House with Drive Under House Garage


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