Garage Plans – Basic Options for Your Homes

Marvelous Car Garage Plans

Marvelous Car Garage Plans

A garage can be as simple as a one car storage area, a multi-vehicle storage area or a space built and designed for the inclusion of elevated bonus or enlargement rooms. They are answering the increasingly influential and high-reaching home design requirements. And today’s garage plans and designs offer a plethora of precious choices, whether you want your garage is attached, semi-detached or totally isolated from the family’s living quarters.

Residential garage

In fact, home living garage is typically defined as a structure with walls and roof designed to store one vehicle or more. This sort of construction can be part of or attached to a home (an attached garage), or a separate outbuilding or sometimes called as a shed (a detached garage). It normally has a wide door.

Some residential garages provide space for parking one or more cars, some are used as additional storage space for diverse items like bicycles or even lawnmower, and some others are re-purposed as a workshop or even a man cave.

Attached garage is usually designed and built with the similar external materials and roofing as the main house structure. Meanwhile, detached garage is constructed in different style from the house.

Attached Garage Plans

Attached Garage Plans

Attached or Detached Garage?

Choosing between attached and detached garage can be such a difficult task to do when considering about adding a new garage. Both designs surely have their own benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, you need to take into account which design is going to be best for your primary and preferred needs.

Size and Shape

You may start by looking at the size and shape of the space you’re planning to build on. If you have a narrow lot that expanses far back towards an alley, it’s can be a natural fit for a detached garage. However, this type of garage usually eat up a sizable chunk of your existing yard. When you decide to build an attached garage, it means you will still having a yard for your kids and pets to enjoy.

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To help you determining the size and shape of your lot, you can walk your lot and look at your property from every angle: the street, the alley, backyard, driveway, deck, back windows, etc. Then try to visualize the size of garage you are considering.

Consider these following questions: If it’s detached, will it restrict your view? If it’s attached, will it alter the architecture? What will this do for the shape of your yard? Once finished, take a tape measure and mark off the space you are thinking about.


Not only the practical considerations of your property, but you also need to honest about your purposes for building a garage.

You can go for an attached garage if your primary goal is to avoid having to trump through rain and snow to get to your vehicle on intemperate mornings. This type of garage will offer you with straight access to your home.

When your intention is to pursue setting up wood or auto shop you’ve always wanted, a detached design definitely will provide more space, privacy, and reduces noise for other people in the house compared to directly attached garage.

Regarding to safety factor, attached models likely pose safety hazards, for example when you store a lot fuel, paints, oils or other materials which can spark harmful fumes. If you keep them in a detached version will mean that you needn’t have to worry about those chemicals leaking into your home.

The Best Match to Your Home

Some other considerations that should be in your mind while determining the fittest one  between a detached or an attached model are the style, age, and condition of your existing house (as well as those in your neighborhood).

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For instance, attached garages are comparatively new in the world of home building. Therefore, when being combined with an older or historical home, it is going to look forced and awkwardly out of place.

If you live in an older neighborhood, alleys and other access points also makes a detached garage a good pick. Also, it’s almost always wiser to select for a detached model instead.

Garage Building

After that, you may continue with thinking about how significant of a building project you’re ready for. In the case of an attached garage, it will definitely such a large home addition, where you’re going to add quite a bit to your structure. Yet, you may still the contractor to make use the pre-existing walls during the construction process, which will probably save you a little money.

Meanwhile, a detached garage mostly likely will be building a small structure from scratch. This will include digging out and pouring a foundation, and then erecting your new garage from the ground up. It’s also quite a little larger project, though you will have a little more leeway as far as designing everything precisely how you desire it.

Some Tips Before Starting Either Project

Insulate the garage. Although you won’t use it as living space, insulation will be much easier and cheaper while you build, rather than to find out afterward that you need some A/C or a heater in there. You can choose the least costly insulation option when you aren’t sure that this will be a livable space.

Storage plan. Your storage plan can be in the form of cabinets or shelving or overhead storing ideas. Perhaps, you might use the space as a studio or an office, but you will begin keeping things in there because it will be empty. Likewise, you a plan should be made prior to organizing the stuff that will be kept once your garage is finished.

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Security. Both attached and detached pose their own advantages and shortcomings. However you need to remember that you build a garage to keep valuable things, whether it’s cars, computers, bikes, or family. Therefore, be certain that everything is protected. Don’t forget to ask your insurance if you can get a discount if you equip this new area with a quality security system.

Detached Garage Plans

Detached Garage Plans

Semi-Detached Garage

Also called as semi-attached, described as detached Garages with enclosed walkways. Here, the structure will stand as a separate building yet still connects to the house through some kind of walkway or covered porch.

If you’re designing from the scratch, it won’t be too hard to build such a connecting attachment. The reason is that you can site your the house, the garage and the driveway. However, it can be rather difficult if those three items are already in place, because if I wish for connecting my garage to my house, I need to, for instance, reroute my driveway or build an underground connection to the house. Or even move my garage. These will result in somewhat complex and costly outcomes.

Modern Farmhouse Plan with Semi-detached Garage

Modern Farmhouse Plan with Semi-detached Garage

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