Choosing New Garage Doors – Prior Considerations (Part 2)

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Not only for practical use, your garage door offers a help to set the tone for the style of your house. Whether you wish for updating or replacing your existing garage door, still you need to pay attention to some factors before choosing the right one.

In previous article, Choosing New Garage Doors – Prior Considerations (Part 1), you are given with some considerations before deciding or even purchasing a new door. We’ve already learned about price, materials, and also mechanism. And now we’re gonna find out more about garage door types, insulation, security, maintenance, and also the manufacturers.


Depending on how they operate, there will be diverse types of garage doors. You can find them fold, tilt, swing and roll upwards. Deciding the type of garage doors may rely on the space you have, as well as your personal preference. Also, you’re able to select between manual and automatic garage doors.

If you unluckily have limited space, folding and rolling garage doors are perfect options. Unlike the hinged tilting and swinging doors, folding and rolling doors do not demand space inside or outside the garage. Even so, rotating and swinging doors are less pricey compared with the sectional roll up doors.

The type of garage door you pick will also determine the security you can obtain. In some cases, you perhaps may find your automatic garage doors open because the transmitter or other parts fail to function correctly.

JC Garage Door Center

JC Garage Door Center


The insulation is somewhat forgotten by most homeowners regarding to their new garage door. However, you should consider this factor more particularly when you have a garage door which is attached to your house. You need to spend extra cost for insulated garage door, but it’s highly helpful in reducing energy costs. So in the end, they are worth it.

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The insulation is usually concealed with plastic or vinyl. When it comes to insulation, you simply need to look for the R-value to find out which doors are better ones. In this case, higher R-value means better insulating value.


How secure is the garage door? This is probably the most asked question when choosing a new garage door. Regrettably, it’s a very difficult question to answer for there are a lot of scenarios in which, for example, a potential intruder may try to break through a garage door.

Most modern garage doors are featured with excellent standard locks. For instance, the industry standard of a euro profile cylinder lock with a fine quality handle and internal locking rods (rather than cables).

Roller shutter garage doors apply different locking methods and offer more additional devices to make them more secure. However, you need also to check the strength of the actual door panel. A good example of low security garage door is the ABS up and over door, since it is manufactured from a somewhat thin plastic material. Intruder can easily and  simply cut through with a sharp knife to get the access to the internal lock.
Moreover, you may find that the locking on a door is fantastic, yet if the door panel construction is fragile, it will be useless for the door can easily be bent or smashed through. Here, it is said that the most secure garage doors are double skinned sectional doors, high quality side hinged doors, and superior quality insulated aluminum roller doors.

Keep in mind that fitting a budget electric door opener to a garage door can be a common mistake, forgetting that in doing so you commonly take off the manual locking system and then in basic form depend upon the electric operator towing fixture to keep the door secure.

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Automatic Sectional Garage Door

Automatic Sectional Garage Door

Reliability & Maintenance

In today’s world, most of us are generally very busy or only have little time or enthusiasm to maintain major household implements, even on weekend times. It is also true with garage door.

But don’t worry since most modern garage doors don’t actually ask for immense amounts of maintenance. Even timber doors that have been properly treated before or on installation will provide protection that simply demand cleaning to hold a long lasting good-looking panel finish. What is more, GRP garage doors and UPVC doors are nearly maintenance free. Once again, just keep them clean. High quality steel up and over, side hinged and sectional doors are all galvanized and painted through modern techniques and paints, making them long lasting for years.
One things that perhaps need little occasional attention is the mechanisms. It is particularly true when your use your garage door very oftentimes or if you live close to the coast where the corrosive effects of salt water may create problems if not checked. Higher quality garage door mechanisms prone to feature galvanized or zinc plated components to maximize the life span. Just like what you do with your vehicle, you need to perform regular oiling, regular cleaning and regular checks on moving parts of your garage door.

A remote control garage door is defined as a ‘machine’ in legal terms, hence it is apparent that some maintenance may be asked for. The good news is that majority of modern electric operators offer Kevlar and nylon belt drives that do not demand oiling at all.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Opener Repair


The last but not least, you can select garage doors based on the companies, manufacturers, and even dealers. For instance, you may choose between companies that offer the same in terms of material, type, style and insulation. In this case, you can make a decision by firstly looking at the company’s reputation. Also, you may take into account about the warranty provided, as well as the services that are included such as installation and repair.

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Whatever choice you make, you have to be certain that you’ve looked into all of the choices available in prior to drawing a final decision. It can be a better idea to call a garage door company in your local area to figure out what is available. The truth is that it’s always more helpful to select a garage door based on thing that you were able to see in person.

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