4 Brilliant Garage Wall Ideas for Organizing Clutters at Your Home

The garage in addition to functioning as a house for your car, of course has other important functions. One of them is as the most strategic storage without reducing the comfort and beauty of your home interior. Among the few sections in the garage, garage wall ideas are the locations most often maximized. The reason is of course because it is practical, innovative and economical.

Before you set up your garage wall, make sure you find the purpose of what to use for your garage walls. By finding these goals, you will find it easier to find interesting ideas that you can apply to create a neat, beautiful and comfortable garage.

Creativity Ideas to Put On Your Garage Walls

If you are now in the plan to renovate your garage and the confusion will be maximized as to what the walls are and have no idea what to put on garage walls. Do not worry; these cheat here from Apartment Therapy might inspire your renovation process.

Wall Mounted Pegboard

No garage wall ideas are more interesting than wall mounted pegboard. You could say this way is the most favorite way to make your garage work optimally, but still can be seen beautifully. Among the many ideas for making wall mounted pegboard, the board made of PVC looks very innovative and sweet. Not only does it provide perfect chamber storage, it also provides an interesting view within the garage.

PVC Pegboard for Creative Garage Wall Idea

PVC Pegboard for Creative Garage Wall Idea

If you have a plan to build a man cave in your garage, we suggest you immediately design an attractive pegboard. For the modern order of garage, pegboard is arguably must have items. With a beautiful model, the pegboard can qualify as a wall storage that can be used to hang a broom, your workshop equipment, to a shelf that can be resized.

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Slat Wall System

In addition to pegboard ideas, you can also maximize your garage wall with slat wall system. Among the many ideas can inspire you in designing a slat wall system for your garage wall, the idea of ​​Martha Stewart is the most favorite. Indeed we must admit Martha Stewart always has brilliant ideas regarding eliminating clutter at home.

Inspiring Martha Stewart Slate Wall Idea

Inspiring Martha Stewart Slate Wall Idea

To be able to get a beautiful slat wall system in your garage, you just need to release your creativity as wildly as possible. Do not be afraid of limits. The more you feel constrained, the more you will not find another idea than the others. Important tips you should note about slat wall system is to collect items that you will put on the wall according to function. Goods with the same function put them close together so that when you will use them it will be easier to achieve simultaneously. Next, do not be afraid to play colors. The more colors you use, the more unique the look of your garage. Do not forget to show your personal side on the slat wall system design you will create. This will make your garage more unique.

Folding Table

How to maximize other garage wall is to create folding table or folding workbench. Why be foldable? One, foldable table or workbench definitely saves space. You just need to unfold it when you want to use it. But if you are not using it, fold it so it does not make your garage look full and messy. Second, your folding table or workbench is neatly mounted on the wall can have a double role, both as working tool and as decoration for your garage interior.

Unique Folding Table for Garage Storage System

Unique Folding Table for Garage Storage System

If you have the ability to create your own folding table, it will be better, but if not, Bench Solution can create customized folding working bench that you dreamed of. One of the benefits of Bench Solution’s folding working bench is the height that can be tailored to the needs. In addition, the wood used is certainly very strong and safe for daily use.

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DIY Tool Rack

The final way to make your garage wall look beautiful and functional is to create a tool rack that can be used to store your carpentry or workshop equipment. No need to use new and expensive items to create a beautiful rack tool, you just need to provide a shoe holder that is no longer used.

Diy Tool Rack from Shoe Holder

Diy Tool Rack from Shoe Holder

To make it easier to find items that you keep in this tool rack, put items with the same function in one bag. You can also stick category labels in each bag, so you can quickly find out what’s inside.

Tips for Maximizing Your Garage Walls

In addition to apply creative ideas that you can choose to put on your garage walls. You also need to do these following tips in order to maximize the function of the walls of your garage optimally.

First, you need to think about what needs that you want to show on your garage. Is your garage pure used as a car storage or used for other purposes?

Second, adjust the furniture or storage ideas that you will use with the size of your garage. If the garage is large, you can put more furniture and other attachments. But if the size of your garage is limited, select the important furniture only.

Tips for Maximizing Garage Wall Ideas

Tips for Maximizing Garage Wall Ideas

Third, choose a color that suits your personality. Unique and interesting is the thing that you need to prioritize if you want to give personal taste on your garage. Personal taste is very important to create comfort when you are in the garage and do activities for a long time.

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Garage is the most suitable place to pour creative ideas. If the previous times, garage is seen as a room that does not need to be organized and doesn’t have a clear concept. Nowadays garage has evolved into a room that has its own charm. Not only as a vehicle storage, garage can also help you to create a more tidy and comfortable home.

Of the four garage wall ideas above, which one are you interested to be applied in your house garage? Hopefully the idea you choose can give the color and new atmosphere in your garage. Don’t forget to apply the tips for maximizing your garage walls also, so that your chosen idea could have lovelier appearance. Happy renovating!

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