15 Contemporary Residential Attached Garage Designs In Metal And Glass Ideas

As an integral part of the entire home living design, your garage doors aren’t going merely providing additional storage and conveniently dry place to park your vehicles. More than that, they will also complement as well as compliment your residence as fine-looking and functional spaces at the same time. This is particularly true when we’re talking about attached garages, designed in more contemporary styles. The combination of metal and glass materials to your garage doors indeed elevate your existing modern homes to new heights.

In the end, this will be a personal decision based on your specific circumstances when you’re deciding to choose metal and glass garage design ideas. In fact, glass accent combined with metal material adds beautiful detail, which considered as an important factor for elevate the curb appeal of your property. Moreover, you can coordinate your glass garage door style with the rest of windows of your house, means creating an appealing custom look.

Choosing a row of glass to your garage door is basically a matter of a trade-off between aesthetics and functionality. And here are some appealing examples of contemporary residential attached garage designs in metal and glass combinations.

Del Mar Residence

This beautiful house was designed by Allard Jansen Architects. Located in Camino Del Mar, California, this residence shows contemporary aesthetic feel that maximizing light, air, and privacy, as well as a strong connection between indoor and outdoor living.

The designers chose highly durable materials that fitted the neighborhood context of marine environment. Talking about the garage design, illuminated from within, the opaque nature of the garage door mirrors the appearance of the windows on the front of the house.

Del Mar Residence

Anya Lane

This beautiful West Coast contemporary house was designed by Christopher Developments in Vancouver Island. This project won the Best Custom Interior in the 2009 Gold Care Award. The architecture itself is inspired by the Asian style and situated on a tidal estuary. It incorporated some of the latest in environmentally conscious building practices. You can see the combination of sleek sophisticated and the warmth of finely crafted wood interior detailing sets.

The aesthetic of this home remains cohesive thanks to the horizontal grilles included on the windows as well as the garage.

Anya Lane Residence

Stinson Beach House

Here, the double garage constructed under this small ultra-modern home make it look substantial and more imposing.

This project was carried by WA Design Architects and Designers, and located in just north of San Fransisco, in the largely suburban and rural County of Marin. The Marin coastline itself is one of green rolling hills that slope down to the rugged palisades that meet the Pacific.

The house occupies 1400 square feet. The massing in the design process was an elevated south-sloping roofline with extensive clerestory windows that accessed the views to the ridges above. To create a sturdy yet economical exterior shell for the house, we used corrugated Galvalume metal, paired with cement board siding.

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Considering a sustainable design we applied open-cell foam insulation, concrete floors, natural ventilation, and recycled materials.

Stinson Beach House by WA Design Architects and Designers

Magnolia Gardens

Magnolia Gardens is a sort of new modern residence designed by Rhodes Architecture + Light that located in the northwest Seattle neighborhood.

Using the foundations of an existing house built in 1954 and taking the benefit of a beautiful southwestern view of Elliott Bay and the West Seattle peninsula, Magnolia Gardens orients four bedrooms and bathrooms to gardens, terraces, and water views. The house’s dynamic modern form opens through a glass atrium on the north and glass curtain walls on the northwest and southwest.

Meanwhile, by utilizing the contrasting colors on the exterior of the home, the designer assures that the garage remains visually eye-catching.

Magnolia Gardens modern residence designed by Rhodes Architecture + Light

East Jefferson  

The designer of this home, namely KUBE Architecture, applies a custom privacy fence and the face of the garage to produce such a beautiful architectural detail.

This stunning home living is lied in Falls Church, Virginia. The exterior hard-scapes and garden spaces are designed to surround the house, whereas the spaces within the house are made larger and opened up to the forestall views surrounding the home. When walking the pathway, you will see steel, concrete, and wood are combined with slatted screen fences, a guiding pergola overhead, and a hard-scaped pathway. T

Full height glass along the rear of the house opens up the views to the rear and lightens up the whole space. A new garage volume is added and bridged together with the existing home offering a new powder room, mudroom, and storage.

East Jefferson by KUBE Architecture Garage Design

The Overlook

Seated upon a majestic hill, this adorable house is supported by the two-car garage that’s been expertly accomplished with a stone facade. Designed by Axiom Luxury Homes, this project was included in the Parade of Homes 2012. This is a home living that has modern rustic design, featured with glass garage doors, two NANA walls, steam room, theater room, bar, pool table, and shuffleboard.

The Overlook by Axiom Luxury Homes

The Overlook by Axiom Luxury Homes

Southampton Residence

This Southampton Residence can be found in Palo Alto. It’s designed by Maydan Architects which created the house to look segmented. The house has a garage which is set apart from the rest of the home. It functions to lift up the building-block aesthetic of the house.

Southampton Residence, Palo Alto by Maydan Architects

Southampton Residence, Palo Alto by Maydan Architects

Villa Decín

Villa Decín was finished in 2013 by the Prague based architects Studio Pha. This stylish modern home is settled on a large plot at the edge of a natural divide in the landscape. It has the orientation that grants wonderful views over countryside and the city. As implied by the name, this villa is situated in the town of Decín, Czech Republic.

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The terrace is separated into a relaxation wing and living space, both parts are notably glassed in, enabling them to be opened up during summer as well as allowing smooth passage from outside. You can easily and freely reach the outside area from the terrace. There is also a “gazebo” and a background environment for garden maintenance that take advantage of the incline of the terrain to integrate the interior space within the slope. Walkways are confined to the staircase connecting the main building to the gazebo.

The property also comprises a driveway and four parking spaces, along with a second drive running from an entrance in the walled fence to a separate piece of property used as a base for garden care and maintenance.

Villa Decín

Villa Decín

The Bridge House

Settled under a luxurious walk-out, this garage blends into the foundation of the home. Designed by Kevin Vallely Design, the house is united by repeating the foundation color on the trim of the house.

The Bridge House by Kevin Vallely Design

The Bridge House by Kevin Vallely Design

Victoria Heights Modern

Not only eye-catching and modern in design, this fantastic home also features a double garage that offers easy access into the house.

RD Construction approached this project with one goal in mind, namely building a home that is a cut above the rest. The residence is certified Built Green, which creates a sustainable, energy efficient, and cutting edge home. It is producing an exterior design on a new home that integrates into an existing neighborhood, a result that any neighbor would be proud of.

VICTORY HEIGHTS MODERN in Seattle by RD Construction

VICTORY HEIGHTS MODERN in Seattle by RD Construction

Modern Green House

As an outstanding example of Northwest Modern Design, this residence gas three star Built Green, designed by Steve Moe Design. It’s sited at the base of Squak Mountain (WA), showing the application of environmentally sound building practices to create structure of beauty and integrity.

The home are equipped with 3 bedrooms and 2.75 baths plus an additional flex/office and a bonus of media room. It’s modern styling employs use of environmentally friendly finishes like recycled wood and glass, low VOC paints and finishes. Radiant heated concrete floors can be discovered throughout the lower floor with wool carpet and cork floors up. The enormous focal window enhances solar gain in the winter and lightens up the home throughout the year. The main room flows out on to the slate deck, linking the indoor and outdoor spaces. The expansive deck welcomes impressive views of Mt. Rainier.

Modern Green House by Steve Moe Design

Modern Green House by Steve Moe Design

Broom Way Residence

It is undeniable amongst the many charming contemporary residences located in Brentwood, California. This house was competed in 2011 by Nonzero Architecture. It’s actually a replacement for a bland, stunning mid-century house which was originally situated a the site.

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Broom Way Residence offers a large open glass volume which is used for the home shared living areas. This modern home also has opaque walls, as well as floating flat roof with some exposed steel beams. In addition, the house also features concrete retaining walls which are left exposed and aside from the walls, where photovoltaic glass panels can also be found in the house.

Contemporary Broom Way Residence

Contemporary Broom Way Residence

The Empire Residence

The Empire Residence is a sort of modern residence found in Australia that was designed by Residential Attitudes.

“The Empire” manages to merge the old with the new, the traditional with the contemporary and still express a certain elegance and style. The mix of elements starts with the traditional “A” shape of the home the beautiful rectangular swimming pool and the variety of textures and materials used in the interior design.

An important aspect is the lighting system which include all the modern appliances of time and the massive glass walls that sustain that desired connection outside-inside, managing to bring in certain parts of the home the interior in.

The front facade offers the street a minimalist design, simple, geometric with light filters and a certain imposing feeling, the home opening only to its own backyard and controverting the perception and the degrees of intimacy on the facade.

The Empire Residence by Residential Attitudes

The Empire Residence by Residential Attitudes

Tsunami House

This cutting edge solid home living is perched on the high coastal on the northen end of Camano Island, Washington, United States. It’s designed as high structure home living by Designs Northwest Architects.

As implied by its name, this house is built into high and strong design to withstand, avoid or decrease, the tsunami and strong waves. he construction is the combination of concrete, prefabricated materials, and glass facades. Wooden style is also covering the second level framing the glass facades.

Indeed, it can be seen in three-storey in volume style where the second level feature prominent of others. The ground has multifunction space and flexible one. It can be living area or others, as well as metal and glass garage design in highly contemporary style.

The Tsunami House by Designs Northwest Architects

The Tsunami House by Designs Northwest Architects


Also known with another name of Industrious Residence, this structure was designed in playful look by Atelier Boronski in 2010. It has the concept of rational and clean design ideas. The house itself is situated in Kyoto, Japan.

The shape is in uniquely symmetrical design with simple clean lines, whereas within the rustic texture is employed used as the interior color theme. Black and white is the colors used in this exterior design.

Seeing the interior, the staircase is designed in floating stairs style. The interior ceiling is created in playful concept. The interior corridor has its stylish appearance that represents the Industrious. Black corridor windows look contrast with the white interior flooring in this corridor design. The large glass door is installed in this corridor giving the brightness. The brightness at night is presented by contemporary lamps installed on the ceiling.

T-House or Industrious Residence in Playful Appearance by Atelier Boronski

T-House or Industrious Residence in Playful Appearance by Atelier Boronski

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